The website that is completely different from that of

The image below is an
example of the response time guest expects.

Source receiving prompt response, the company
will perform better and hence end up with a good reputation and this will also
increase the company’s revenue.

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use of professional photography


I must build up a unique website
that is completely different from that of my competitors. By taking into consideration my
customers suggestion and feedback, I will be able to make the company better. By
receiving their feedback, this will enable me to make my website better with
the good
description of all type of services the company offers. By placing professional
photography to have a pleasant and attractive look on my
website, this will attract customers. I highly believe that professional photography on my
websites will impress visitors.


An Email Newsletter

Marketing can
be easily done by email. It is said that doing marketing by email is the smartest
and direct way of communication whereby promotion packages can be sent to
customers through email. I can also make use of my email newsletter.



a Contest

Everyone loves to win something. Contest is a great
way to engage my customers, whether it is a free flight, a free night at hotel
or gaining discounted rate on their tickets. Customers will share their
experience online .


Please see below of a best example of Virgin America launching chicago contest whereby audience can
upload a video or a photograph online. They are required to collect votes from
their friends.


Content Update

It is important that the website of the
company is updated regularly. It is said that Google loves fresh, original
content. By updating the website
regularly, Google will rank the website as being active clients and thus Google
will rank the site higher in the search. It is important to keep our viewers informed and updated.


Sales Promotion

Now, people prefer to book a tailor-made tour to be able
to enjoy their holiday accordingly to their budget. Therefore, tailored sales promotion
is important to boost our sales. Tailored sales promotion
includes a combination of different products into a unique experience. By creating very
good deal packages which include hotel, air ticket and activities together, we
will attract more customers. This can be interesting for you
and for your customers. We can have a look on Cox & Kings website to get an idea of tailor-made
holidays they propose their customers.


It is important for travel agency website to be properly responsive with
multiple mobile devices such as iPhones, Android devices, iPads, etc. This is essential as nowadays people prefer to view
and book their trip from devices like mobile, tablets and others.
Having a mobile-friendly travel website allows customers to enjoy a seamless
transition between devices and they are more satisfy as it is a faster method.
Mobile-friendly travel sites are easier to navigate and faster. Hence,
it simplifies
booking process and allow customers to book their trip anywhere around the
world and anytime.