The ways. Obedience is a type of social authority

The Obedience to Authority concept in social psychology is demonstrated in the Manson family cult in various ways. Obedience is a type of social authority where when a person does something when they receive a command from an authority figure, its supposed that if the command from the authority figure was never given to the person, the other person wouldn’t have acted the same way they did. Charles Manson emphasized this concept of Obedience to Authority and used it as a form of mind control. He insinuated himself in all of his followers’ minds. The reason he used the Obedience to Authority in social psychology was because he was the leader of the Manson family. Every leader and every authority figure wants to feel the most powerful. Charles Manson wanted to be an object of worship to his followers and wanted them to praise him and do whatever he wanted them to do. I watched a documentary about the Manson family cult called Truth and Lies: The Family Manson (Full Documentary). This documentary included all the specifics of Charles Manson and how he became the leader of the Manson family cult. There were many examples where Charles Manson used Obedience to Authority in social psychology. When Manson was in prison, he took this time to prepare himself in order for him to thrive when he would be free. At the time, it was the age of music. The Beatles encouraged money, authority, fame, and power to Charles Manson and it made him think. When Manson was in prison, he would spend his time writing songs and playing his guitar. He wanted to prepare himself and planned on being famous in the future. At the time he was released, there was a lot of chaos with race riots and the Vietnam war. Manson began looking for vulnerable individuals who he could possibly control in the future. At this point, he knew what he was doing and what he wanted. Charles Manson used the LSD drug when he held his personal ceremonies and he was clever enough to use obedience to authority when he gave his followers higher dosages but he would take less than what he gave them so he have the power to stay in control and not get out of hand. Manson also used a form of Obedience to Authority when he complimented his followers and made them feel special. He would tell these girls, things like “You’re beautiful”, “You’re gorgeous”,  “You’re smart” to gain a sense of trust and foldness. These types of compliments created a type of connection with these individuals. Especially when it comes to vulnerable people, compliments create a type of relationship and attachment. He made his followers feel comfortable when he was with them. Charles Manson also used a form of Obedience to authority when he knew how to condition his followers and how to manipulate himself into their minds without having them notice. When Charles Manson’s dream of being a rockstar didn’t work out, he decided to use this time to take revenge. One of the rockstars was planning on helping him become famous, however, he backed out last minute and Manson was furious. He got all of his followers together and decided to command all of them to go to a house that the rockstar used to live in and kill everyone inside of that house, no matter who they were. Whenever one of his followers’ hand was stabbing someone, it was Manson’s hand guiding their hand to get their hands dirty. Charles Manson created this concept of being an object of worship to all of his followers. He knew exactly how to condition each and every single one of his followers and how to maneuver himself into their brain, unconsciously. In conclusion, I find it really interesting how Obedience to Authority can be played out into many situations, the manson family being one. Due to Mansons lack of a normal childhood he slowly and indirectly was brought up to crave attention, even if it was in the most twisted ways. Creating a cult was Manson’s way of gaining the attention that he lacked all his life. Although, his actions were brutal and caused much harm to many individuals, he was simply a damaged person with no way of expressing the cruelty he felt from the world, other than to return it.