The way to reach a greater scale audience by

The article I chose “Tourism and Sports Win Big by Teaming Up” highlights how sports and the sports industry has been becoming one of the largest tourism segments within today’s economy. One of the surveys within the article stated that forty percent of American adults travel fifty miles or more each year to visit and see various sporting events. Additionally, it isn’t only Americans who are seeing the revenues increase within the sports travel industry, both Australia and European countries have also reported increasingly higher annual tourism within sporting events in their countries as well.

  What’s leading to this? Some researchers believe it’s more than only the desire of the sports lovers, it’s visitor bureaus and travel agencies that have taken to city promotion and branding in a new way to reach a greater scale audience by using their budgets to heavily promote tourism to sporting events. This increases revenue in many ways beyond hotels and restaurants; it also boosts game attendance, fills seats and, creates new fans by those from out of town.  One interesting aspect of the article was, it’s not only the sport event itself attracting the tourists and bringing in higher revenues, but also tours of the facilities, ballparks, and stadiums. Fans are enjoying adding these to their trip itineraries during non-game times as part of their vacation and sporting experience. Additionally, studies show older generations are becoming a significant factor for the increase in sports tourism, not only to watch a favorite team play, but it’s the nostalgia of going somewhere they went to as a child, seeing it again, or sharing it with other generations.  Some sports tourists are into the history and some may have a goal to see games in as many different stadiums as possible. Regardless of why people are attracted to the sport, the overall point is many are now creating their entire vacations around a sporting experience.

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