The two men who were best friends well not

The book i am reading is the mice and men by John Steinbeck. The book is about two men who were best friends well not really best friends but Lenny is dumb and George is looking out forLenny and taking care of him. George and Lenny are two farm boys that lived a life of crime and poverty. George and Lenny were poor and lived a dead beat bum life scaveging for food and money. The book takes place in 1937. The mice and men start off with Lenny and George running from the law and hiding from the police once they lose the cops they start walking down a dirt road talking about the farm they going to have when they save up enough money for and raise lots of live stock and animals Lenny wanted bunnys lots of bunnyies George ensured him that he can tame the rabbits. Once they were walking and talking they approached a farm plantation. once george and lenny aproach this farm they try and apply for a job george and lenny were migrant farm workers this means they go around to farm to farm looking for labor. They did hard work for little money. George and lenny go inside a farm house and meet curly and carlison. Lenny does not speak george asks the two men if they could work for them they got the job and a place to sleep and eat. After working and earning dinner Lenny spots a attractive young lady which was curlys wife. Curlys wife watching Lenny with fasination. Curlys wife then starts talking to lenny becoming more friendly with lenny George sees whats happening and tells lenny to stay away from curleys wife shes trouble Lenny obeys. Lenny has a mental disorder because whatever he touches that is soft he cant let go and ends up killing it thats why lenny does not own any animals because he kills them. One night George tells lenny that he will be playing poker with curly and the guys he tells lenny not to get in any trouble and says if you do get in trouble to meet at our secret spot by a tree by the river and to stay in the sleeping quarters lenny obeys. After some time passes lenny becomes bored and begins exploring until he wanders into another sleeping quarters and meets a rude man named candy. Candy was an old african american man who only had one hand due to a farm accident but he was discriminated on by the higher up officals that ran the farm such as slim curly. After Lenny and candy talk they both decide to raise the money to own their own dream farm with george. Lenny then finally leaves and goes to the barn the pet the horses and meets crooks also a black african american who is harshly discriminated upon by the farm officals after talking to crooks lenny convinces crooks to join george lenny and candys dream farm. Crooks then leaves to sleep. Lenny pets the horses and piddles around until Curleys wife appears in the front barn door and approaches lenny and starts saying how curley never gives her enough attention and he is obseeses of his right hand that he puts vassiline on coverd with a glove to ensure its soft eniugh for his wife. Curleys wife starts playing with her hair and lenny is fasinated with her hair. Curleys wife sees Lennys curiosity and tells lenny he can feel her hair lenny then reaches out and grabs curleys wife sody long blond hair and starts stroking it she smiles then Lenny tugs it harder.Curley wife groans in pain and tells lenny he stroking a little to hard Lenny then panicks and starts slinging curleys wife aroung because he cant let go and end up killing curleys wife. Lenny freaks out and starts running towards the secret tree where george told lenny to go if he got in any trouble. After some time passes george and the guys return. Georege could not find lenny anywhere and curley could not find his wife. Curley says i bet Lenny ran off with my with ill bash his guts in. Then george goes to the barn and sees crooks and candy looking above at the dead corpes of curleys wife george was shocked George rushed over and immediately knew Lenny did this. Curley then approaches and gasped he was angry at lenny he told george that i will beat his guts in. George said hes gone now just let him die out there. The men protested and accused george for the murder george denied the men then said lets sattle up the horses and go find him as they did george rushed in slims sleeping quarters he grabbed slims gun and mounted his horse and rode to lenny. After some time passed George approached the secret tree and saw lenny sitting there crying. Lenny saw george and pleaded to Lenny saing i did not mean to kill the pretty lady i was just feeling her hair. George said its ok Lenny no ones mad. He told lenny that hes in a lot of trouble though. Lenny sighed and asked George about their dream farm they were going to have Lenny loved hearing about the dream farm. George said ok Lenny ill tell you just look off to the horizon and ill tell you all about it. George then pulled out his gun slowly and began telling Lenny about the farm and how Lenny gets to tame the little bunny rabbits and how wealthy they will be and all the crops they will grow. At this point George aims the pistol and Lenny’s head and then slowly squeezes the trigger then a loud bang went off along with gunpowder smoke. George looked at lenny’s gaping bullet wound that was engraved in lennies head. Lenny fell to the ground lifelessly. The rest of the men appeared and looked at lens dead corpse They all sighed. George said it all over Kenny’s dead.