The tree. A small notebook and pen in hand,

The spring breeze softly blew through the schoolyard. The 9th grade students were outside at a break period. Some were playing soccer, or softball/baseball, others were doing something random. However, they all seemed to be having fun. That is, other than Ochimaru. Under the shade of a cherry blossom tree. A small notebook and pen in hand, and earbuds in, she sat there silently. She always looked so sad. No, not sad. Depressed. As if someone had just died right in front of her. She even seemed to create a depressing atmosphere around herself. Black jeans. Black hoodie. Black sneakers. Black socks. Gray eyes. Black hair. Ghostly pale skin. No student even thought of speaking to her. Not even the sun dare shine on her. Even during the spring. The cherry blossoms set a shadow upon her. She was used to no-one acknowledging her. Other than small, faint, whispers. The whispers of ridicule and demonic theories. But, one person. One person that was there always. Piper. The only person who would talk to her. Piper was like her hopeless little sister. Piper understood Ochimaru. Or Ochi for short. Ochi was born and lived in Kagoshima, Japan, and she’s always lived in Kagoshima. Although she’s always wanted to leave. Music notes and song lyrics. Pages full. They filled her handheld notebook. She was listening to a new song by Tripod. A new band. Up-and-coming musicians. There pretty O.K in her opinion. “Darkness Never Penetrates The Light” that’s the song. It makes sense that she’s the one listening to it. The only one. I mean lots of people are listening to their music. But there listening to the happy songs. Not the so-dark-it’s-creepy songs.BringBringThe bell rang signaling that it was time for next period. Math. As she stood, and slipped her book into her bag -slinging it onto her shoulder- a cloud went over the sun.”Hey Ochi, Math is next right?”Said Piper running -while waving- up to Ochi. Ochi took out an earbud.”Yes, and where were you today? You’ve been gone ‘all morning.”They started walking toward the school.”Well, I was feeling afawl this morning. So my parents kept me home. But I finally got here.””Well, it was nice to finally have some peace and quiet.”Piper laughed.”But seriously, our teachers are gonna freak out. You missed an assessment in almost every class””We both know that  the teachers don’t give a crap about the students. All they care about is going to work everyday so they can get paid and go ho- Wait did you say TEST but plural””True””Ugh, Why me……” They went back and forth until they entered the classroom.”Ochimaru what have I said about hoods in class””Sorry sir.”He didn’t even have to look at her to know. She came to class almost everyday with her hood on. She slipped her hood off and slid into a seat she always sat in. In the back of the class. A seat almost covered in shadows. Piper sat next to her. In a seat not covered in shadows. The first ones to class. Again.BringBringThe late bell rang. Nobody ever gets marked tardy. Because, everyone -other than Ochi and Piper- are always late. The students came flooding in. One by one the sat in there everyday seats. But right in front of her Hiko. The baseball star. A boy with yellow spiky hair, gray-green eyes, white shirt, beige khakis, and a shimmering white smile. He was smiling and laughing as he walked in with his entourage, and Alara. His girl. Alara is basically the drama queen from any popular chick-flick. Blonde, tall, slim, fashionista, always dating the most popular/cutest boy in school, and an overall brat. Hiko sits directly in front of Ochi. But, Alara sits across the room. With her own little group of brats. Just seeing Ochi melted his smile. He hadn’t seen her in a while, and there she was. Sitting in his class. There was a rumor that after spring break she was switching homerooms. She was switching because of some violence in her old homeroom. Violence meaning tripping, and when someone gets tripped so much the have a cut everyday the teachers find themselves obligated to solve the problem. But, he didn’t expect her to be in his homeroom. The girl he…. used…. to know. Before he was a baseball star. Before she was so distant. 2 years ago.”Oh, what’s wrong Hiko??'”Oh, i’m fine Alara”Hiko waved off the question, and started walking toward his seat.”Someone’s in a bad mood”Alara added as soon as Hiko was out of hearing distance. Then she slumped into her seat.”Wait is that Hiko?… any class and I get thrown into his homeroom… right behind him… of  course….” Ochi thought as Hiko caught her gaze and stood next to his seat. A seat that looked to be kissed by the sun. They just stared into the other’s eyes. However, Ochi was the first to look away.”He has the nerve to even look at me…”He sat. A look of sadness in his eyes. He took out his notebook, and started to write.”Well, one of my students knows how to take notes””Oh, of course sir”He smiled his shining smile. But to be honest he wasn’t taking notes. He elegantly moved his pen across the page. He wrote, and wrote, and wrote. Through the entire class period.BringBringThe class ended. Class after class. He wrote, and wrote.”I really can’t think of anything… seriously… and i’m only trying to “take notes”…”The thought was almost the same every time he through a paper away.”What is he writing?…”Thought Ochi, as they left there last class. Speech and debate.”…and how did we pick all the same classes for the second half of the day?”Later that day……..She put her earbuds in. A swift wind blew the cherry blossoms into a swirl around her. The brightest thing that would even come near her, let alone twirl around her. Or even touch. The petals. So soft. The last light in her life”April, it’s almost over…”She disliked the end of April. The end of the cherry blossoms in bloom. She was walking home. Like every day. The cherry blossoms were ready to fall at the slightest wind. So delicate. So perfect. So precise. Cherry blossoms. Why does she love them so much? Not even she knows anymore. The used to be important. But, now. Just a torn photograph. She walked through the front door. Without flipping on any lights she silently walked upstairs to her room. “No-one home. Like always.”She thought to herself. She entered her room and flipped the switch. The lights flickered on to reveal last room in the house that was used. Her room.