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The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or for short DACA, is an executive order put into action by President Obama in 2014. This order allows undocumented young immigrants, who were brought here illegally by their parents to make sure they can, work, drive, and remain in the United States. To be eligible for DACA, you will need to be younger than thirty-one years old, and have lived in the united states since 2007, and have arrived when you were under sixteen years old. The program DACA has helped an exponential amount of young people have the opportunity to grow up as U.S. citizens. If Congress can find a permanent solution, President Trump plans to end DACA in March 2018, even when sixty-six percent of Americans are in support of DACA. Dreamers as these immigrants are called, deserve to live their lives like any other citizen.Even if DACA is removed, it’s unjust and unfair for these people that have been protected by this to go through the ordeal of being deported. They themselves were not the one that decided to come here, their parents bought them. Why should they have to leave their home? Deporting the kids protected by DACA doesn’t benefit anyone. It’s a lose-lose-lose when a dreamer is deported. The dreamer loses his job and license, the community will then lose a hard worker, and America as a whole loses face with other countries. With many poor choices coming from the Trump administration, America has already been losing credibility in the world. If there was a start of deporting people who have done nothing wrong, our moral standards would crumble. The government must work with the community and see that there are many more benefits to having dreamers than there are for deporting them. Even with an overwhelming amount of support for DACA recipients and positive economic benefits, the program has recently been threatened to be repealed, putting the safety, livelihoods, and well-being of those people at risk. The civil rights movement, “which ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, is considered one of the crowning legislative achievements of all time” (Advocate). If America has the determination and drive to make a change and do it with the support of the people then there will be change and if done correctly will help many people. If they could get their rights then so should the immigrants be able to prove their worth and obtain citizenship.DACA was created when an intense pressure came from advocates that strived for obtaining protections for young immigrants that were raised in the US but don’t have citizenship. There were many failures that happened in order to pass the “Dream Act,¨ this would help find a path to citizenship for those immigrants. The Obama administration signed in DACA on June 15, 2012. This program then protected Dreamers from deportation, and also allows them to have a two-year amnesty that could potentially be extended if they were to get a work permit or social security number. The recipients of the program’s protections must have no criminal record, along with the evidence that supports that they were under the age of sixteen when brought to the US, also proof that they were under thirty-one years of age when the program was started, and be at least fifteen years old when applying for its protection. Applicants for the program have to be students or be people that have already completed schooling or joined the military. To apply it costs around five hundred dollars, and the permits are renewed every two years. The application and renewal process normally will take several weeks. DACA doesn’t give people legal US residency. Those that pass the vetting process get a temporary reprieve from deportation and temporary permission to work in the United States. The Dreamers all together total around 800,000 almost all being young children. They are the ones that seek to get permission to work under DACA. The average age that they enter the US is around six-and-a-half. About 200,000 live in California and almost 115,000 reside in Texas and more than 30,000 live in New York, based off of the US Immigration and Citizenship Services. With this many immigrants influx in specific locations and sudden removals of the DACA protections could be catastrophic for those areas.The people that are protected by DACA help the United States in more ways than much first think, the main impact is the economy. A study that had been conducted by the Center for American Progress stated that the, “loss of Dreamers or DACA workers would bring the U.S. gross domestic product down by $433 billion over the next 10 years”(Tributes). That would be a huge hit to the U.S. economy. For a country that is already trillions of dollars in debt, this could deepen that wound, even more, making the government weaker. From a business standpoint, deporting these people would make no sense, at all! Why would the United States want to deport skilled, motivated workers that have already been invested, so they can just go be professionals in other countries? This concept makes no sense, if they still want to get rid of DACA then at least keep it applies to applicants that have already applied and let no others join. Ninety-seven percent of DACA recipients are employed or in school. They open firms, buy cars, homes and are predicted to boost the US economy by $460 billion within the next decade. Something around seventy-two percent of the top 25 fortune 500 companies have working Dreamers and employ many others, which in means if  DACA were to be taken out it will likely force big firms to spend time and cash recruiting new talent. A letter that states “Dreamers are vital to the economy” was backed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Sundar Pichai, and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, and many others. Most major companies benefit from the Dreamers, so economically it makes no sense to deport them. A big argument that is made is that, “DACA recipients take jobs from native-born workers”(Bernstein). This is not totally true as dreamers normally don’t take skilled positions normal working as farmers or low paying jobs. When we gave them a chance look at how much they helped us improve as a whole. If they are allowed to stay, provided they went to college and got a job, and that’s exactly what happens, then they could be a great asset to the United States, that frankly, many other countries don’t have. They should be given the chance to make a difference, instead of being deported. While the economy would be negatively impacted if the Dreamers left, there’s an even bigger issue being covered up which includes an issue with human rights. If the United States turns its back on the DACA immigrants then in the eyes of the world it would be bad. We are supposed to be the symbol of a country full of freedom and of opportunity. If these people are shunned then not only or image will be destroyed are very meaning will be opposed. These individuals should be just as regular citizens, but they are treated differently simply because they weren’t born here.President Trump and the  Republican lawmakers have to make a plan to deal with the thousands of young dreamers that have entered the United States. There was a meeting that discussed what to do with the undocumented immigrants. Trump after him announcing last year that he was dismantling the Obama-era program need to get on task with finding the solution with Congress. A quote from Trump during the discussion states, “We’re all working in an effort to develop an immigration reform plan that will serve the interests of the American workers and the American families and safety”(Constitutional). The Trump administration later announced, “in September that the administration was rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program”(Shoichet). With the delay later placed on it, the solution for protecting the young immigrants from deportation was then pushed into Congress causing Republicans and Democrats to push for what they wanted to be passed. Trump wants any deal he signs regarding immigration reform to include funding for the border wall, more money for immigration enforcement, an overhaul of the family-based immigration system and an end to the diversity lottery program. Most Democrats do not agree with Trump’s litany of requests, and some have threatened that they would no go ahead with spending a bill until the protections for dreamers were established first. This situation can cause even more tension between the parties and that makes them less productive in passing legislation. In turn, the DACA recipients will be suspended in an area where they have no idea which way to go for, leave now before deportation or stay and risk losing early opportunities in the other countries.DACA was supposed to be temporary, but repealing the program without a process to help individuals currently protected by it, so they can keep living and working in the United States will place a lot of pressure on U.S. businesses, local communities, and on the American economy. Congress has been considering a multitude of different pieces of legislation to protect current DACA recipients status. The Administration shouldn’t take rash initial action to change the DACA program without first signing legislation, to protect DACA recipients. Instead of dividing people by race, ethnicity, or place of birth, people need to come together as a country, and as a community. Dreamers are apart of America and are Americans themselves and should be treated as such. America is the only home that they have known, the place they grew up, they should be allowed to stay! It isn’t right to end DACA and make hundreds of thousands of people leave and be left to fend for themselves. There’s no real good side to Trump’s plans both economically and morally. Deporting the dreamers will benefit no one and should be avoided. For Trump to be a businessman and not see the potential of these immigrants and what they do for society, it’s sad.