The this is because they attempt to eat the

The results of this species invading this area are very
noticeable. Populations of the other species in this environment have been
declining. The reason for this is because they attempt to eat the Cane Toads or
their tadpoles. The tadpoles still have the poison gland, and when a predator
eats a tadpole, it gets poisoned and will die. Cane Toads were not the dominant
species in their native habitats back in South and Central America, as they had
multiple predators who were immune to their poison or could tolerate it. This
is the opposite in western Australia. Ever since their introduction in 1935,
scientist and the people of Australia have been working to eradicate Cane Toads
from Australia. Over 15 million dollars and 70 years of research have been
done, and a solution may have been found. People have been physically removing
these Cane Toads for years and also using traps, but it does not really help.
Cane Toads can lay thousands of eggs at once and instantly take away any
progress that was made. Using traps also kills other species besides Cane
Toads, so that doesn’t work either. Building fences to contain them is too
costly, and people are frustrated. Another solution that has come to light is
using the Cane Toads own poison against them. Australian scientist discovered
this solution back in 2012, but have not yet implemented it. The reason for
that is because it will have negative repercussions on the environment. Those
same scientists are working to limit those negative repercussions or eliminate
them all together, but it may prove to be impossible. If they do figure it out,
then the Cane Toad species can be completely wiped out in Australia, and their
82-year reign of dominating the land will be over. Overall, the attempts to
control and eradicate the Cane Toad species in Australia have not been
successful. The massive number of toads that can be produced in a short amount
of time prevents the people’s success and makes them look to biological weapons
to be successful.