The The main reason is my desire to help

 The nursing profession entails many duties,we provide care for the sick, advocate for our patients, educate them and theircaregivers, and able to grow relationships.

It focuses on the care ofindividuals, families, and communities so they achieve optimal health. Nomatter where you work or what type of nursing you do, it all contributes to makinga difference and saving lives. I don’t have any experience in the nursing field,other than clinicals at the Hebrew Home, but has always been something I have dreamedof doing. I wanted a career that is challenging, interesting, and makes adifference in people’s lives every day.  Beforenursing school, I was a hair stylist which is relatable in the sense where youcare for you clients by making them look and feel better about themselves. In amore critical sense, nursing is the same. I wasn’t satisfied only doing hair Iwanted to do and help more.

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Therefore, I made the decision to go back to schoolfor nursing. The main reason is my desire to help people and care for them. Patientsspend most of their time with nurses throughout their stay at a hospital and Ienjoy all the aspects of care and getting to know the patients. Another aspect Ilove about this career is the numerous learning opportunities and varieties ofnursing. I am always setting new goals for myself and I knew I would be able tofind something that would intrigue me and have numerous opportunities to do so.I would love to be an ER nurse or at least start my career in this unit. Not onlyto get experience in all types of nursing but to see which one is best suitablefor me.

I know in this field I will be able to utilize my interest in science aswell as my desire to help people in need. There is so many opportunities andspecialties to choose from.  No matterwhat kind of nursing you do it contributes to making a difference, which iswhat makes it such a rewarding career.

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for doing whatthey love or actually enjoy on a daily basis?