The the goddess Athena and at times was little

TheGreek name for this goddess is, Goddess of victory. Nike’s roman name isVictoria. She had the wings of an angel.

Nike had a well-toned body with classycurves, long wavy hair and honey blushed skin. She wore a dress or she wore atunic. Nike had a belt below her breast and had a green and gold tiara on herhead.

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Some symbols that were associated with Nike were victory. A palm branch, wingsand golden sandals also represented her also as a god. The domain of this godwas to determine a battle, victory, and success. Her parents were Pallas andStyx. She had brothers who names were Zelos and Kratos. She had one sister nameAthena. Pallas was the titan of Warcraft. Pallas knew the art of war and alsoknew his way around military related things.

Styx was the goddess of the riverStyx. This river was the main river of the underworld. Zelos was the godjealousy. Kratos was the god of brute strength. Athena was the god of militaryvictory and wisdom. The weapons she uses during battle are a spear, shield, anda wreath.

Nike only had two special powers. Her powers were speed and flight. Somespecial traits she had were wings. She had wings so she can fly down to thewinner and congratulate them. She was also the messenger of victory.            There wasn’t allot of myths aboutNike the goddess.

Most tales about Nike are mixed with the tales of Athena,Nike was closely identified with the goddess Athena and at times was littlemore than an attribute. One tale she was in is when, Zeus was gathering alliesat the start of the titan war, and Styx brought her four children Nike, Zelos,Cratus, and BIA into the service of the god. Nike in Greek means victory.

Thatis how Nike Shoe Company came up with the name. She didn’t have children.People used her name for a shoe company, clothing and also many other productswhich all encourage victory and athleticism. People use her name in ads withfamous athletes. The people who own Nike sign athletes to their company so thepeople who are signed can make money.

Nike the goddess is used in the societymore than people think