The the category of communication, comparing real and network

The main function of the language is communication.

Communication for man is his habitat. Without communication, the formation of a person’s personality, his upbringing, the development of intellect is impossible. Communication helps to organize joint work, outline and discuss plans, implement them. But today communication in the common sense of the word has changed somewhat, because network communication has become very widespread, i.e. communication through the Internet. Someone welcomes him and actively uses in everyday life, and someone is an adversary, entering into the defense of live direct communication. Our research work is devoted to the actual issue of studying the features of communication in the space of social networks.

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 The purpose of our work is to study the category of communication in social networks. To achieve this goal, we have put forward the following tasks: learning the category of communication, comparing real and network communication; studying the phenomenon of social networks; research language communication social networks; the study of the importance of social networks in the life of modern man; study the features of communication in social networks. Object of research: social networks. The subject of the study: communication in social networks.

 Hypothesis: we believe that in the modern world, communication from the real goes into a virtual format. Methods of work: study of the theoretical question, observation, questioning, linguistic experiment.