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      THE PROTECTION PROTEINAbigail JeronimoDallas Baptist University         Protein EssayManyanimals can sense danger. They have natural abilities that allow them to sensewhat is going around in their surroundings, and if they need to protect theirspecies they will. They all have a way to keep their family, pack, or eventhemselves safe. Humans don’t really have that sense.

The human species might havefeelings that something around them maynot be right, but they do not have a real sense to know if they are just beingparanoid or if they are really in danger. Currently, I am a newly discovered.This discovery is still being researched and experimented on, but I am aprotein that will hopefully keep mankind safe from dangerous situations.

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I amcalled the Protection Protein because of what I can do. Iget my name from helping people sense dangerso that they can stay away from it, or even protect others. I am here to be thesixth sense of a human, and I work in an amazing way. Being not like any otherprotein in the body, I attach myself to the DNA of the human’s body I am in, andI end up in the brain. The brain is awonderful place, because of all thesenses that the human body has come from the brain. Personally, I work in theparietal lobe, where all the senses give messages to the body about what ishappening in around their surroundings.

Humans already have five senses (smell,touch, sight, hearing, and taste), and Ibecome the sixth sense, protection. I work like a stop light at anintersection, and my three colors are red, green, and yellow. Each color has ameaning. Green means notice; there is a riskof danger but not much, so you are most likely safe. Yellow means to becautious and careful; there could be something minor but dangerous that couldhappen. Finally, there is red. Red means danger; there is something that isendangering you or the people you are with.

When you see this color you must becompletely aware of what is going on. Humans can see color because of a proteincalled Rhodopsin or Opsin for short. “Opsinsin the eye detect light. They convert light into electrical and chemicalsignals that can be interpreted by the brain” (Genetic Science Learning)becauseit is interpreted by the brain it gives the knowledge of what the color is andbe aware of the situation.

Usually, you can feel the colors, green,yellow and sometimes red, which means danger. A human is usually born with thisprotein. I am a mutation from the other senses and help people be safe andprotected. I am very rare and not many people have me in their body, sosometimes finding a human with my type of protein can be difficult.  My structure is confusing; I am in the primarystructure. I can attach myself to the DNA and chromosome, and a chaperoneprotein is what helps me become my shape. Without my chaperone, I would not bewhere I am right now.

I am expressed in the neurons in the brain, and theneurotransmitters allow for my function to be expressedin the body. Iseem to be a great protein. One thing that I have not told you is what ifsomething goes wrong with me.

I, like all other proteins, can becomedysfunctional. I can eventually mess up, even if I am great. If a human happensto hit their head badly, it can cause a bad brain injury, which could affectme. If I stop working, I will not be able to give off the sense that danger isin the area.

The hypothetical injury to the brain can cause all the proteins tomalfunction, and I could become confused, giving off the wrong information. Forexample, there could be no danger, and I could still give off the red-coloredsignal. This could cause the human that I am in could to become constantlyparanoid or just have the wrong information. This could lead to actual dangerto the human’s body.

Sometimes when I am dysfunctional, I can start to causesymptoms like headaches and vomiting to the human body. I can also causedizziness and ringing in the ears. Because the research that is being done onme is still so new, the scientist still does not know if there is a way to fixme after I have become dysfunctional. Since most humans are already adapted toliving without an actual sense that tells them that there is danger, I believe that they can live or evenadapt to their surroundings without me in their body.

Researchers are currentlylooking for a something to set me back on track if I mess up. Although,  I hopefully will not malfunction like that. Sadly,there is no way to fix me, because I am rare and not many people have my typeof protein. I,the Protection Protein, am great. It is amazing that people can have me intheir bodies, and I can help them protect people. I am more like a gift than amutation. People should use this gift to protect people. For example, the humanbeing who has me in their brain can go into any branch of the military and protecttheir team from danger.

I hope that one day, scientists can figure out where Icome from and be able to create more of me so that many other people could haveme in their body and be able to use me for good. Bibliography1.     Genetic Science Learning Center. (2016,March 1) Types of Proteins. Retrieved November 29, 2017, from http://learn. 2.     Brainandspine. Anatomy of the brain | Brain & Spine Available at:

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