The the air, slowly getting closer and closer to

The StormBy: Platinum Liang 3rd hour Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea smiled in the bright crisp day as he and his team of scientists get ready to launch their X-21 nuke to Los Angeles.  He had been waiting for years for this to happen. “Sir, it is ready for launch,” His Chief scientist said.”Finally, I have been waiting for this moment to come true,” Kim said, his hand hovering over the red button. Kim slowly brought his hand up, and suddenly slammed it down on the button as hard as he could. The countdown timer suddenly lit up, displaying the time left before his X-21 launches. Five minutes, four, then three, two, and finally one minute left.

Soon, It showed that there were only ten seconds left, then three, two, one, and blast off, Kim looked hungrily, watching his X-21 rocket through the air until he could not see it. Then, Kim started laughing. It started with a chuckle, but soon turned into a really evil sounding laugh.

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“Mwahahaha, with this, I can rule the world!” Kim exclaimed, “I can really rule the world!”Two Days LaterA missile was rocketing through the air, slowly getting closer and closer to Servius. Right when it was about to hit him, He suddenly woke up to the soft beeping of his alarm clock, piercing the eerie silence. Servius, a thirteen-year-old boy living in the quiet peaceful town of Carbondale, located in the lush roaming hills in southern Illinois with his dog Trevor and his horse Charlie, has big dreams when he grows up. He wants to be part of NNBWDT, also known as National Nuclear and Biological Weapon Defence Team. The NNBWDT  is basically a group of scientists and engineers who work together and try to build and design things that will defend America from these devastating weapons. He crawls out of the comforts of his bed and opens his curtain. Soft, warm light flooded his room as he turned and looked at his calendar.

The day was the 11th of June in the year 2029. Two days after the Nuking of Los Angeles California, and also the day his father died.His father was a brave man. He died fighting for his country and his comrades during the early stages of the North Korean War. Servius sighed and sat down on his bed, wishing that his father was still here, to be with him. If only that North Korean soldier missed, he thought.

Then he stood up and quickly put some clothes on and started to brush his teeth.He found his mom at the table eating breakfast, while reading the newspaper. Servius quickly got some cereal and some milk and he sat down next to his mom. “Hey,” his mom said.”What’s on the news today?” Servius asked, trying to sound interested.

Servius didn’t really care about the news, but his mom insisted that he should pay attention to it every day.”Oh just the usual gossip,” his mother said, not taking one eye off the newspaper, “But there is something really interesting in here.” “What’s interesting?” He asked, now actually interested.

“You know about the nuke that hit LA?” His mom said.”Of course!” Servius answered his mom, “Pretty much everyone knows about it!””Basically, the fallout from LA is blowing to our town,” His mom told him, “And there is a thunderstorm coming up from the south, If they collide, the energy from the storm will possibly energize the fallout, making it extremely radioactive and dangerous. It will also make the thunderstorm increase in size, affecting the whole United States, except the east coast.”Servius suddenly blurted, “Then how will we stay safe?””Don’t worry, we just have to install our fallout shields and that will be enough,” His mother answered. Soon, Servius relax and went to put up the fallout shields.

He didn’t know that the fallout shield that he installed over the stables had a tiny hole in it. He also didn’t know that that would change his life forever.The Next DayThe next day, Servius woke up to a blood-curdling scream that pierced the peaceful silence. Servius quickly rushed downstairs, only to be met with a horrible sight. His horse Charlie looked as if it suffered from high levels of radiation. Its legs had sharp claws instead of hooves, Sharp fangs, and glowing red eyes. Under one of Charlie’s leg was his mother, covered in her own blood.

Servius suddenly snapped out of his shock and grabbed a kitchen knife nearby. Servius slid under Charlie and stabbed the place where Charlie’s heart would be. Soon, Charlie let out one last scream and died. Servius quickly knelt down to his mother and shook her, seeing if she was still alive. “Stop shaking me,” his mother gasped.”Mom!” Servius said, relieved that his mom was still alive.”Servius,” His mom gasped said through pain, “I will be dead soon, and please don’t save me, but please listen to what I have to say.

“”Please!” Servius cried out, “Don’t die, please!””There is no way to save me anymore,” His mom said, now brimming with tears too, “just run, to the east coast, please stay safe, I will love you, forever.” Then, his mom closed her eyes and took in one last breath, before she finally died. Servius was now crying like a toddler, ran upstairs. He had to run to the east coast, or he will be dead for sure. He quickly packed his bag with some pants and t-shirts and then ran down to the kitchen and packed some cereal, water, and some trail mix. Then, he picked up the kitchen knife that he killed Charlie with, and put it in his bag, just in case he gets attacked again. Servius then walked outside and took his bike.

He noticed the retreating purple clouds in the distance. So the fallout did get energized, he thought, and took one look at his old home, and then pedaled away towards the east. Three Days LaterServius was enjoying the sunrise while pedaling.  He stopped, sat down, and started to eat some breakfast. While eating, he realized that he was running out of food. He decided that he would raid one of these abandoned homes for some food or possibly some weapons so he could defend himself. While pedaling around, he found a house, and he decided to look in it. He put his bike down, took out his knife, and walked slowly to the house.

He then, tested the doorknob, seeing if it was locked. It was unlocked so he crept in. He was trying to find the kitchen when he bumped into a girl while turning around the corner. The girl quickly jumped back and yelped, “Ouch!”Servius quickly pulled out his knife and pointed it at her while asking, “Who are you, and what do you want!?””Who are you,” She replied, in a rather sassy tone.”Well, if I tell you who I am,” He said, ” then you will tell who you are, deal?””Fine, deal” She snapped back.”My name is Servius, and I am 13 years old” Servius replied, trying to act friendly, “I am on my way to the east coast, so I can escape all this madness.””Well, my name is Persephone, and I am 13 years old also” Persephone replied back, “I am trying to get there too, and I have been camping out in this house for the last two days.” “You know, I could use some help on my journey, and I wonder if you could join me,” Servius asked.

“Fine, were probably better off if we work together,” Persephone said, “and I have already ransacked this place, my bags are filled with food, and I also found a bike in the garage.” “Good,” Servius said, “then we should set out again.” they walked out with their bags on their backs.

They then hopped on their bikes and rode away towards the east.The Next Day While riding their bikes on the lonely abandoned highway, a large building quickly caught their attention. They decided to check it out and get closer to it.It turns out that it was an abandoned Walmart. They quickly decided to raid the place for some weapons, just in case if more mutated monsters attack.

They placed their bikes by the tree, and then they walked towards the Walmart.