The Target is also leading from Macy’s, Sears, and

The Target
Corporation, which is the second-largest discount retailer in the United
States, just behind the Walmart. Target is also leading from Macy’s, Sears, and
Kohls retailing stores. As of March 2016, Target Corporation’s value is
approximately 72.62 US Billion dollars. They seem to have many successions over
the years. They noticed and realized that Canadian residents tend to shop more
at Target retailers more often as well. Canadians crossed the borders and had
shown interest in shopping at Target. Being aware of that, they decide to
expand their operations. They pursue to introduce themselves in the Canadian

            In order to make the first step in
the Canadian market penetration, Target purchased 189 leases from the Canadian
retailer Zellers (a comparable retailer company to Target). Doing this, they
did not just bought and opened 189 new retailing stores, but they also
eliminated one of their competition in the process.

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No doubt, that it was a huge step for an expansion for Target
but was also a good approach. However, their lackness brought them down. One of
the reason they failed, was because of their poorly choosing locations for
their new structures of the stores, clearly shows how badly and eager decision
they made. Second reason for their failure, because they opened all the stores
within a very small time period which led huge mistakes with inventory
plannings, causing the items to get out of stock early on. This disappointed
shoppers, who were expecting more plenty of products as they would see in USA. Customers
could not shop anything even if they wanted to. Another reason was a tough
competition that never let them rise in the market. Walmart, which was already
ahead of Target and well known in Canada already. Walmart’s EDLP (EveryDay Low
Price) never let down any of its customers. Target had admitted that it had not
offered low enough pricing to lure customers. Many things were more expensive
than necessary and made annoying customers.

It was too late to win the trust of Canadians back. Canadian
residents were already familiar with the traveling to U.S and shopping at
Target. But, now even a big well-manufactured company with a reputation of its
brand name was sunk. The damage was too deep to the retailer’s reputation in
Canada. Their management in the supply-chain was worse than just to think of.

These each proportions gave lessons. What can be done next
time, to avoid the same mistakes? There were some of the points that were to be
noted. For the first reason of locations,”they should have done fewer stores,
but better stores,” says Doug Stephen, president of Retail Prophet Consultant’s
in Toronto. In addition, for the second reason of empty shelves, they should
have better supply-chain management who would have reported and which should
have taken care of right away. Just by opening fewer stores, the second reason
would not be this big of an issue. It would have been much less than it was in

To sum up all the failed problems that Target failed in
Canada are many of them. But, in short words and just pointing out the main
ones are: Target was not ready to open up the POS system which was not working,
and still they opened one anyway. Buying all the Zellers’ lease and taking over
the control from the bid of Walmart, which was a fast and really a unnecessary
move. That led them to open stores faster than they were even ready to open
them. The systems specifically was not built for CAD dollars and was not
reading the French characters either. They ended up buying a new system from a vendor,
and all these in a hurry was a big disaster. U.S hires young employees who have
the right personality right out of school and gives them a good amount of
training. While in Canada, employees received very little training compared to
Americans. Data entry had to be done right, all manually by employees.

Inaccurate informations in the system delayed the shipments and caused other
problems. They fell before the even launched, merchandizing team realized that
there were too much of the inaccurate data in the systems that they would have
to verify it with the suppliers each week long. Bigger the cities, the more the
customers, had more customers than expected in Ontario. They encountered empty
shelves. Warehouse and supply chain software were not communicating. The POS
had many errors in calculations and were buggy and kept freezing.

Ultimately, Target was ashamed of themself. President of
Target left, one week later, after the CEO who stepped down of his position. A
devastating sad and bad management and the outcomes for their reputation in
Canada did not go well.




Part 2


            The assurance of project to be
success and the concerns of failing will keep project managers and their team
cautious. Regardless of which way is used where the project efforts are carried,
the end result stands all of the suspense – and keeps the focus on it. Team
support helps the other members to make understand about the missing details.

            The need of the management is really
important to all kind of projects, especially in IT related projects. There are
many different reasons of being the importance of the management support. One
of the reason for the need of management support is that, the team needs to
know and understand the concept of the project. Every member should know what
to do and meet the expectations. A support who can define the strategic
ambitions, explains everything in crystal-clear way so that the project is
executed and delivered with all the overall business purpose. Another reason
why the management support is important is, the funding for the project. It is
crucial because everything is based on it, and the whole project runs according
to it. In addition, securing the resources for the project is also important as
much as others. Their role is critical in functional and matrix organizations
basis. Also, the executive management support is critical for the project
governance. Sometimes it’s the project sponsor who classifies alignment or
potential conflicts between organizational strategies and project goals. Later
it is resolved in coordination with the project manager. Not only that, but
making the correct decisions, risk managements are also important.

the importance of top management team support is the key for a successful
information technology project. Teamwork is much needed more than anything. One
can not accomplish and deliver the work into all departments, might not have
the detailed expertise in specific areas. A leader or a group of leaders should
be there to manage the members/departments, make decisions for them, give them
tasks to follow, and get the expected results as a team.