The take India out of the horrible effects of

The Mughals efficaciously ruled India for about 16th and 17th century for about 150 years and then had a dramatic fall because they failed to take India out of the horrible effects of the Middle Ages. Ever since then, many empires have been eagerly looking to colonize it over it’s national and industrial wealth, trade routes and a new introduction to ethnic groups. British policy during the 19th century was mostly concerned with expanding and protecting its hold on India because it was viewed as the most important colony to the rest of Asia, it was the “Jewel in the Crown”. The East India company helped the British Raj pave its way into the rest of India. The British Raj ruled from 1858-1947 and through it came mass killings of innocent people (for example the Amritsar Massacre), several protests for freedom, the oppression of ethnic groups, violence between Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, the partition and the biggest mass migration in world history. The film depicts how Lord Louis Mountbatten the last viceroy was given a task to witness the transition of India from being a British Colony and to independence, he faces many challenges as the contrasting sides clash because of the change going on. It was set 70 years ago in India during 1947, when India was under the brink of immense change. It portrayed the constant for and against argument of the partition. It shows Gandhi’s constant struggle of bringing unity and Muhammed Ali Jinnah’s desperate need for a separate muslim state. The movie celebrates cultural differences and struggles. The film relates to orientation in space and time because it explores personal histories, homes and journeys, turning points in human kind. It shows individuals, civilizations and different ethnic groups from personal, local and global perspectives.This movie focuses on the event that took place a few years back in 1947, where the British statesman Lord Mountbatten serves as India’s last Viceroy and is charged with handing India back to its people. The movie starts with Lord Mountbatten arriving at Viceroy’s house in Delhi in 1947 determined and stubborn wife Edwina and daughter Pamela. As the final Viceroy of India, he is in charge of managing and controlling the dissolution of the British Raj and the establishment of an independent Indian nation. Mountbatten seeks to calm down a disagreement between the two major Indian political leaders, Jawaharlal Nehru, who wants India to remain intact as one nation after independence, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who wishes to establish the separate Muslim state of Pakistan. Hindus and Muslims didn’t really have the best relationship. Muslims and Hindus were not really allowed to be seen together since society didn’t really accept the fact of the two being equal.When riots start erupting across the country (India), the British decide to accelerate the independence process. When an intensifying violence between Muslims and Hindus explodes Mountbatten reluctantly accepts the Partition of India. He is given only a few months to arrange everything and seperate the India into two parts, Pakistan (for the Muslims) and India (for the Hindus), with the help of an untrained English Lawyer Simon Callow. With all of these complications happening in India, the servants at Viceroy House are forced to choose between staying in India or going to Pakistan. The Mountbattens decide to stay and continue on in India to assist and help where they can since Delhi is overwhelmed with refugees.The movie took place a several years ago, in the 20th century, around 1947. The film was based and shot in Delhi, India. The shooting took place in India because the directors and producers wanted to  give the viewers a more accurate look into the palace and where the actual event took place back in 1947. The story was told and represented in chronological order, to produce a more believable cinematic perspective. The country of India has been ruled by the British for 300 years and the Indians didn’t really have much of freedom. Some were forced to work in Viceroy House and all had to follow rules that the British have set for the country to obey claiming that it’s to protect them. The society in India was corrupted due to Muslims and Hindus being enemies. Muslims and Hindus didn’t really have the best relationship since the British have injected the thought of ‘Divide and Rule’ in their heads. They had to be seperated, and that’s how the idea of the partition developed. India was parted into two different countries, Pakistan for the Muslims and India for the Hindus. Before the partition, India was divided into different social classes, Hindus were on top, they were the high class ones and always made fun of the muslims and their religion. Muslims weren’t really  appreciated by others