The Stereotypes of Indians Essay

Native American Culture and Stereotypes.

Kind Hearted Woman

What did you learn that you did not already know?

There are many different stereotypes that are common in the media that are related to Native Americans and their culture. Some of these include the notion that all native americans are alcoholics, that they are all lazy, live on reservations, get government privileges, among many other such stereotypes that incorrectly biased according to the evidence (Ridgeway, 2013). For example, white males are actually known to be the demographic with the highest rates of alcoholism. Although I’m am familiar with many of these portrayals, I did not realize how tough life can be for some individuals that have to live with many of the problems that Robin faces on a daily basis due to the fact that such stereotypes exist.

Were you already aware of the points made in the clip?

I was aware that there were various stereotypes that affect native americans as well as many other groups. However, what I was not aware of is the extent to which these stereotypes can impact a person on so many different levels. The presence of a stereotype can create obsticles and challenges for an individual that I did not realize existed, at least in the manner in which they do.

What do you agree with in the clip? Why?

The clip basically portrays a story of a woman who faces an increadible number of challenges and is still able to keep a positive attitude throughout all of her trials and tribulations. She has faced discrimination, abuse, living and poverty, and the challenges of living on a reservation. The full length film follows Robin for three years as she begins a new journey after being newly sober and completing a rehab program. I agree with the stories basic premise that people can make a new start and find a sense of resilience in despite numerous challenges.

What do you disagree with on the clip? Why?

Although the clip attempts to portray the family in a manner that provides an accurate overview of what their daily life is like. One of the things that I think I disagree with is the fact that the camera is able to provide an objective perspective on the family’s activities. Reality TV has been called by some as a voyeuristic peep show that glorifies abuse and evaluates shallow…