The scientists have made progress in the fields of

The specific procedures carried out in order to obtain energy and to make it available for common consumption are oftentimes not given enough attention by most people who are essentially using energy for their own personal needs in more ways than they think. These procedures, although extremely important to us and our lifestyle, are infamous for unfortunately contributing to the release of harmful gases into the Earth’s atmosphere which then in turn contributes to global climate change. These procedures include extracting, transporting, and burning certain fossil fuels which include resources such as coal, oil, and natural gases. Without the involvement of fossil fuels in our society, our lives would not include as much luxury and convenience yet the overall state of the environment would most likely benefit due to a sharp decrease in emission of harmful gases. Although some of these harmful gases include gases that are inevitably produced in nature, a majority of these gases are indirectly produced and released by human intervention. Gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide are at most times a byproduct of energy production by means of fossil fuels. The negative effect that these gases have on the Earth’s atmosphere have pushed scientists in the last decade to search for new and less harmful methods of obtaining energy. This search has proved treacherous though as scientists have made progress in the fields of biomass, solar power, wind power, tidal power, and geothermal electricity yet they still cannot find a renewable energy resource that can effectively dominate fossil fuels in economic terms. However in terms of benefitting the global environment, these multiple forms of renewable energy certainly dominate. This sparks the debate of whether or not these forms of renewable energy are actually worth it in the long run or not? Besides the already obvious negative effect that is global warming, the usage of fossil fuels also brings upon other major problems that are less related to our environment but is more related to our health and well-being. One of these problems can be seen during the extraction phase as an increasing amount of coal mining accidents have lead to serious injuries and, in some cases, the death of coal miners. Mishaps such as accidental explosions have killed coal miners before and will continue to kill coal miners as long as they are put into these dangerous and cluded underground situations. Other lethal that coal miners have to deal with such as respiratory diseases are a lot slower and less direct than immediate injuries or explosions. These respiratory diseases such as chronic asthma and changes of the functactity of the lungs have also been shown to affect ordinary citizens who have no direct contact and involvement with the raw extraction of fossil fuels. These effects occur during the burning phase as gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are released into the air. Both of these specific gases contribute to both affect citizens visibly and also invisibility. Smog is an eventual product of high levels of these gases and can affect drivers’ visibility and field of view. The invisible effects of smog come in the form of various respiratory diseases. These multiple health issues show that the use of fossil fuels not only harms the environment but it also physically harms us.Although renewable energy resources have the advantage of better for the environment and being better for our health, the use of fossil fuels still has the economical advantage and a general convenience to it. This economical advantage is grand enough to launch nations like the United States and China into economical leadership when compared to other countries who use less fossil fuels and consequently produce less energy. The general convenience to using fossil fuels is also an appealing factor since we have experience in this field and familiarity. It has also been able to produce many much needed jobs in the field of construction and even fiance.