The reflect certain values or ideologies though sometimes we

The key idea of this concept is to realize that each medium content you see, tune in to or encounter has been constructed. In the above photo we can see that photographer has blended two photos together to get a perfect picture, first photo taken has a perfect expression and the second one has the perfect pose. So this is how the concept of construction works, by mixing, extracting the best and constructing it as one.Commercial Media:Commercial media produces medias such as newspapers, cable TV, film, events, magazines, books, sports shows, free to air TV, digital media, radio, outdoor advertising, telecoms- through the retrospective examples of commercial media such produce is aired to the public and with the intention of doing business and earning money.Ideological Media: Media texts always reflect certain values or ideologies though sometimes we may not be aware of this. An example might be that in some texts, such as action films like the Die Hard or the Lethal Weapon series, solving problems with force is seen as an acceptable value and reflects a certain ideology.

Political Media: At times what we see and listen through media channels carry political weight and some times the medium(i.e. television) can create a political situation.Most media productions are business and make the profit. People who watch soap operas, for example,they  can also purchase magazines which summarize plots, follow the lives of the actors in the tabloids, and exchange gossip with fans over the Internet. In a real way, such people are constructing their own personality based on a favourite show. Apple’s products has shown often in tv shows and even movies from 007 to big bang theory and modern family. They spend money to get profit which tells they spend money to let more customers interested in it and buy it then the company will get back their money.

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This fact has really influnences me. It tells me that a advertisement is nota simple advertisement anymore, it let me know different patterns of tv, movies and shows. Even though it is not that noticeable it is always there, when you are watching a TV show, or a movie the camera vie changes so that you get the view that the producer wants the viewer to see. They do the same thing when it comes to lighting when they want you to focus one character only instead of a group of people they will be the lighting up so that your eyes will focus on only the main character of the timeI’ve notice something in particular with the Big Bang Theory about they’re editing. If you pay close attention to the show you will notice that they use a laugh track to make it seem funnier than it actualy is.

You can tell this is on a laugh track because it is set to go at a set time and whenever something that is not even that funny it will be set to go off. You can also tell that all of the laughs are on a pattern and never change in sound from the previous tracks before it. Big bang theory does a good job with the codes they use but once you watch the show enough you an really start to pick up on them. Producers of media texts have their own beliefs, values, opinions and biases.

 These can influence what gets told and how it is told.  A story about any given topic may differ from channel to channel.  Producers must choose what will and what will not be included in media texts, so there are no neutral or value-free media messagesIn one of the ads, preferred reading is that Samsung’s new phone is superior to the latest I phone.

An oppositional reading might be that this ad shows how humans are addicted to new technology and incredibly wasteful when it comes to abandoning our older products. This ad also implies that only young people are interested in Smartphone technology, as the ad features mostly people in the 20s. In the last portion of the ad, it is implied that those who remain loyal to the Apple brand are unkempt and likely unpopular, as demonstrated by the final shot of a hirsute man still waiting to buy his new Iphone.  So here we can see how differences in value and beliefs play role over two different product line      People who watch the same TV show or visit the same web site often do not have the same experience or come away with the same impression or understanding.

 Each person can interpret a message differently based on his or her age, gender, race, religion, ability, culture, life experiences, values, beliefs, attitudes, etc.  For example, both someone born in the 1990s and someone born in the 1960s may enjoy watching the same program, but they may be laughing at different aspects of the same program.Audience’ is a very important concept throughout media studies. All media texts are made with an audience in mind, i.e.

a group of people who will receive it and make some sort of sense out of it. And generally, but not always, the producers make some money out of that audience. Therefore it is important to understand what happens when an audience “meets” a media text.If it was a guy crying some people would say only pussies cry or they would say how he isn’t tough because he is showing emotion to something. some people would ask why cant guys cry? Just because guys cry that doesn’t mean they are weak or scared. It shows passion for something.

Everyone has different values and beliefs depending on where they are from and how they were raised depending on if they are rich or poor.  Media concepts are based on key concepts for media literacy, which provide an effective foundation for examining mass media and popular culture. These key concepts act as filters that any media text has to go through in order for us to critically respond. And all the concepts are equally important considering the job and facts of each Media concept.