The radiography department. This gave me an understanding of

The interaction of human physiology has intrigued
me from a young age and I have been drawn to the medical field as it offers
attractive opportunities to apply skills and personal qualities that I consider
I possess, providing an immediately tangible contribution to people’s
health.  I have a love of technology and
science. I am completely fascinated by the sheer complexity of it; especially
technological advancements within the medical work of radiographers. I enjoy putting
knowledge I have learnt into something practical and useful and as a highly
ambitious student I can be relied upon to carry out my duties in an efficient and
respectful manner.

Working in diagnostic radiography will allow me
to carry out important tasks with skill and precision allowing a direct visible
benefit to people. Spending time throughout my second year of sixth form at the
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham has assured me that becoming a diagnostic
radiographer is the right choice for me. I have been involved in many work
experiences at the QE, in different departments interacting with patients in
the different wards as part of my volunteering opportunity and spending some of
my time at the radiography department. This gave me an understanding of how the
NHS system works the vital work that support services, radiography and medical
ultrasound. I noticed this throughout my one-day taster day in the radiography
department where I was able to experience a whole day in hospital and shadow a
radiologist. The experience allowed me to gain insight into my future work. At
my work experience at the pharmacy I observed many skills, the collation of medicine,
storage, importance of dosage and placing pharmaceutical orders. I learnt a lot
of practical skills and was able to improve working pressure as I had to
prepare prescriptions and medication.

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I am committed and a self-manager; I have been
practicing martial arts for the past 3 years which has helped me not just
physically but has guided me mentally. It is has helped my confidence massively
allowing me to interact with people a lot easier and has improved my team work
skills. Working at Debenhams has enabled me to gain experience. It has enhanced
a vast number of skills which include; my communication, motivational and
interpersonal skills which have developed through many various tasks.

In secondary school I was the head girl where I
assumed several responsibilities which required precision and professionalism.
I was involved in leading assemblies and organising events for the school. It
enabled me to learn methods of critical thinking and gaining broad,
multi-faceted knowledge which may benefit my career in multidisciplinary
meetings and case conferences. In sixth form I like to be involved in many
ways. Within my role as a prefect, I have been proactively involved in
organising open days. I lead assemblies and support students in lessons in the
lower school, mainly focussing on year 11 to help them reach their target 5 for
combined sciences. In addition, at all open events and Parents evenings it is
my responsibility to tour the parents around the sixth form and answer any
questions about the courses available. I am fluent in arabic and French and living
in a multi-ethic society I know it will benefit me.

I believe that I have a professional manner in
dealing with people at all levels, as well as a vast understanding of the
different scientific backgrounds. I enjoy caring for others and working with
new people every day. I know that radiography will be the most fulfilling
career choice for me. I would love the opportunity to be heavily involved in
the health and treatment of people. To be a successful radiographer, one must
be caring, dedicated and inquisitive. I believe these are some of the qualities
I possess, and I am certain that by studying radiography I can accomplish my
dreams and contribute to the society.