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The stocks i bought from the stock market simulator one was  Carbonite Inc (CARB)It is a hybrid backup solution for consumers and small medium sized businesses. The service provides cloud, hybrid and on premise backups and restore it other words it’s and disaster recovery services the company was founded by Jeffrey Flowers and David Friend. I Purchased the store because it was doing lower at first and I wanted to see if the stop and go up in value over time. I bought 100 shares for the price of 22.25 for one share The next stick I purchased was CMG chipotle Mexican Grill inc. chipotle Mexican Grill is a fast food place where you can create your own bowls in burritos do your own likings it into your own meets in toppings. I Purchased the stop to see how good it would do in the long run. The stop was doing good at first but then down fill a couple days later I wanted to stick with it to see if it would bounce back to a good price. I paid 307.34 per stock and I only bought three of them cause it was such and high price. The next stock I bought was FOLD Amicus Therapeutics Inc. Phone is a biotechnology company which is engaged in discovery and development of Norwood treatment for patients with him with a rare  orphan disease. Its product include migalastat which is a small molecule that can be used as as monotherapy and in combination with enzymes replacement therapy for fairy diseases. The stock price was 15.87 I bought 50 shares of that stock to see if anyone would fund this company. I was clearly wrong since this world down fell very quickly. And once again I kept it to see if the stock price would go back up.The next-door I purchased was GENE Genetic Technologies. This dog is a Malik you diagnose the company that offers predicted testing in the sun assessment tools to help physicians proactively manage women’s health fight against non-hereditary breast cancer. I paid 1.14$ for this stock and I bought 50 shares. I bought the store just because it was for the breast-cancer to see how good it would do in to see if other people would buy this stock. But once again I was wrong the stock value quickly feel and I was left with a negative number and once again I wanted to see if you will bounce back up but I as wrong. The next stock I purchased was HA Hawaiian Holding. This incorporation of burritos a holding company for Hawaii airlines the company through disability seminary Hawaiian airlines is engaged in schedule air transportation to passages cargo amongst the Hawaii islands between Hawaiian islands in center cities in the United States between South Pacific Australia and asia. I bought one 1 share of this stock because I figured that this stock wouldn’t do good but I want to see how it would complete with FedEx for say. I only paid 39.85 The next stock I bought was RTNB root9B Holdings. The provides cyber security, energy, and business advisory solutions. The company operates its business through three segments cyber Solutions, Business Solutions and Energy Solutions. The Cyber Solutions segment provides cyber security and advanced technology training services, operational support and consulting services. The stock was only 1.07 and I bought 800 shares because it was so cheap. I figured this would be the best dog out of all because it was such a cheap price and provided a lot of services but I was going to be wrong once again. At this point I just really wanted to see if they were all bounced back because they were all down for so I kept everything I had to sand to see how they would do. The method I used to buy my stock was to find a common stock that I knew about for example chipotle chipotle. I knew a little bit of a chipotle how their fast food company and that they had Stocks the other companies I just chose randomly. For one of the Stocks I chose it because it was doing really bad and I wanted to see how the stock market would change if it was a really bad would it bounce back or will you just keep going lower and lower. During the time I owned a Stocks I observed that most of them would keep going down for me. Especially the one I buy just cause it was for me the stock market change really quick either you can do really good within a couple days and then down for the next day. I would’ve pics dogs differently now that I know more about them just because I wouldn’t buy the stocks that are doing really bad or purchase and shears from them. I would look for companies that are doing good and I would buy am putting quickly seven because the stock market changes every week. No because you could just sell stocks and shares is that investing or buying them.After the stock market game change my views on Stocks. I would like to invest stocks in the new future but I wouldn’t do it myself I would go speak to a broker. It affected me because it opened my eyes to see that people like to do through living and make money off of this to support your family to themselves.