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The flight that changed historyApril 10 2017United Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, was due to arrive at 10.01pm arrived two hours late. This was due to the overbooking of seats. United Airlines needed the seats to be cleared for the  the airline employees on standby who were scheduled to work for their  shifts with the United Airways . In a statement issued by the United Airlines said , “the flight was overbooked, and there were no  passengers who volunteered to  give up their seats”.  The United Airline was offering passenger a $800 vouture and a hotel stay. With no volunteers the  representatives had to randomly choose three passengers to leave the plane  based on their ticket class, frequent flier status and check-in time.  With this in mind they selected passenger Dr David Doa who refused  to leave his seat, due to a shift next morning at the hospital.United plane going to louisville kentucky Two officers tried to convince  Dr .Doa  before a third officer came aboard  saying, ‘Sir, you have to get off the plane,'” This resulted in an altercation between the officer and passenger ( Dr D. Doa).  While dragging Dr.Doa his face hit the armrest which resulted in him breaking his nose and the loss of two missing teeth along with some other injuries.  Dr. Doa was very confused and passed the officials and security and boarded back on the plane.   This resulted in  the flight officials to clear the passengers off Flight 3411.   The Chicago medical personnel wheeled Dr. Doa on stretcher off the plane .Were david hit his face on the armrestLater it was understood that one of the officers  involved did not follow the proper protocol and has now been placed on leave. The changes to the United Airlines contract of carriage, at the time a passenger books a flight will  give United the freedom to deny ticketed passengers travel if a  flight is overbooked, they will be entitled to 400% of the ticket value as a minimum compensation along with a future ticket.  United also have the right to remove any passengers who disobey the members of the flight crew.Some people said Dr. Dao has become the unintended champion for the adopting the changes which will certainly help improve the lives of  millions of travelers,” David doa was 69 years old he’s  a doctor has a wife and a daughter that is 2 and a half years old