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The movie takes place in the American prison Shawshank, that doesn’t respect the human rights. Andy Dufresne was indicted by the court for the murder of his wife and lover. He was sentenced for life, however he keeps insisting that he is innocent. He was placed in Shawshank where he met Red.

Red is the guy that can get everything for you. So when Andy became friends with Red he asked for a hammer. When the lights were out and he was alone in his cell, he was digging a hole in the wall, which was covered up by a poster of his mom.

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During the day the prisoners were put to work. Once Andy was working and heard a guard complaining about tax. Andy knew what to do, so he gave the guard some advice. When the guard discovered the finance skills of Andy, Andy was allowed to do the finances of the guard. Later on, he was so good that he also was allowed to do the finances of the prison boss. While doing his job he created a new person that only existed on paper, where he could depose money to.

 It is a film that will makes the time fly by, and because of the deep voice over from Morgan Freeman, the film had an overall restful feeling. At the same time, it was also a really emotional movie because the life in the prison is hard. Therefore, you develop true sympathy for almost every prisoner. When the new prisoners came in, the old prisoners bathed on who would be killed first. The same night, a fat boy was crying that he doesn’t belong in prison, so what the guards did, was killing him. For me personally, that was a slab in the face, I didn’t expect the guards to be so brutal. The movie is also good in showing in what prison could do with you. There was an old man who had been in prison for 50 years, he managed the prison library.

The man was so long in prison that he didn’t know better than the life between the walls. He didn’t want to go out, so when the time came that he must go, he tried to kill another prisoner with a knife, but Andy calmed him down and the old man was send out of prison. The old man found out that in the outside world everything went too fast for him, and he thought about killing somebody just so that they would send him back. The story of the old man that drove crazy ends in the suicide of the old man. The lesson the movie teaches how important friendship is if you live in a corrupt prison, the trick to survive is to keep doing something and staying hopeful.

The deep voice over gives the movie some extra good mood. However, there are also some down sides, some parts are too slow that you lose your attention and that ruin the good mood for me personally.