THE me is assaults, robberies, murders, a government which

THE UNIVERSAL VALUESIn today’s society what I observe around me is assaults, robberies, murders, a government which says and presumes that they are fighting crime, to my way of seeing what is in my environment is a society in which guarantees Individuals are not respected, a very clear example, of the loss of these is the kidnapping where it forbids a human being from his freedom.How important are values in the consolidation of society?Values are those qualities, virtues or characteristics of an action, a person or an object that are considered typically positive or of great importance by a social group.In order to achieve a consolidated society values are of great importance in order to create something beneficial for it, it is necessary to trust one another, what t have observed so far is not trusting, for example, in the government that is in charge of that each of the individual guarantees be fulfilled, and therefore, not trusting in this does not count on the support of some people, that is where society weakens.Values play a very important role since the good that there is in society is derived from the practice of these values:”They are important to achieve a healthy coexistence within a society and increase our value as human beings”, the carrying out of the practice of values such as respect, equality, tolerance, freedom of expression, create trust in each person that person who practices them and that which surrounds us since they make us stay united by supporting each other.types of values:- Truth: agreement or agreement between what is thought, what is said, what is felt and what is done.

– Responsibility: it is the moral obligation to respond for our actions, without anyone compelling us, but by the “should be.”- Justice: know and accept which party is right and give it as a right.- Freedom: a fundamental principle and an inalienable human right to be able to act and think according to our own criteria and will, without anything or anyone coercing us.Goodness: inherent quality of man where good prevails over any other feeling.Honesty: human quality that makes the acts of his life are attached to integrity, uth, justice and righteousness.Ana Karen Salinas Ramos- Love: virtue that allows one to feel and express feelings of kindness, affection and compassion.- Friendship: feeling of affection and closeness between people who share a certain affinity.

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– Respect: acceptance, consideration and delicacy in dealing with people, animals, and the environment, thanks to the recognition of their qualities or merits.- Confidence: hope, security or act of faith of one person towards another or with their environment.- Solidarity: it is the moral commitment that people acquire to help and support each other and to commit to common causes.- Understanding: the ability of an individual to put himself in someone else’s shoes and understand his point of view.

To achieve the consolidation of society it is necessary to trust in it, in order to gain that trust it is essential that values such as respect, equality, tolerance, freedom of expression … are carried out in practice between each person who surrounds us and is part of her. As a future teacher it is important to contribute to the creation of a strong society in which you can walk freely and without fear. Final