The is going on in building new model and

The most innovative
tool by Information Technology is Cloud Computing ,as  the utilization of this tool in different
organization increases the  barriers also
seen while implementing this tool.Cloud computing is used in three different
service models – Infrastructure as a service (IaaS),Platform as a Service(PaaS)
and Software as a Service.(SaaS).The 
ease  use of cloud computing
specifically the Software as a Service 
increases  due to increased
availability of the different mobile devices and easily available mobile
internet. Thus, while using innovative teaching methods in  post graduate studies the cloud computing and
its model becoming the  requirement of students.This
paper will analyze whether Software as a Service is need of the students or
not.For this survey the postgraduate students of two tier city  are participated.In
the advance era of Information and Technology the education sectors has witness
drastic change in the use of new tools to change the teaching paradigm.One such
terminology Cloud computing is used by almost various sector and one of the
sector is education . As our country moves towards digital era the new
innovative technology involved in educational system.  The use is increased

With the increasing use of electronic devices
including laptops,smart phones and tablet PCs.The new technical updation is
going on in building new model and new platform for end users.Cloud computing
is used in learning management system.This technology provides the use of new
technology and its use with various applications .The major benefits it provide
to the students that they can fast access the course material .It also ensures
that study will become more interactive.The cloud is used to store the information
so no backup is required to  store.In
other words we say cloud computing allows for
greater flexibility and mobility in the use of resources for teaching and
learning,sharing resources.

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always play an important and considerable role in  the development of socities.The new
technologies have migrated from traditional form of teaching to the new
information and communication technology services to do. It is still a
challenge for maximum Universities finding difficulties in providing different
IT services.Universities
and colleges constantly need to upgrade their hardware and software as a way of
attracting students and keeping up with drastically changing environment.Students
already  used Cloud computing
technologies by accessing programs such as 
Twitter,Facebook,Gmail etc.National
Institute of Standards and Technology of U.S. Department of Commerce defines
cloud computing as a „model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on demand
network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g.,
networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly
provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider
interaction” . Gartner defines cloud computing as a ,style of computing in
which scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service
using Internet technologies”.Microsoft product like [email protected] which is browser
based and provides  student access to
email,office package as well as skydrive.Google App Education even used by many
developed countries which provides similar benefits as those of Microsoft
products .Cloud computing helps the students get to access exams,courses and
can relay their assignments for the students ,the two parties teachers and
students involved in the process.By using cloud SaaS application both teachers
and students can access their respective data on tab or mobile phones .

During the year 2014 -2017  the research in cloud computing has adopted
many stepwise practices which was even published in many journals like IEEE
Xplore,SpringerLink etc.They tried to cover the gaps in higher education by
using cloud computing.According Alharthi 2017 securities are implemented
with these legal issues.The result statistically even showed the physical
location is also a factors.

et al. (2016) explored the factors that lead to cloud computing adoption in
higher education based on the TAM (Technology Acceptance Model)framework by
surveying 96 students at a university in Romania revels with the fact that
cloud computing can be adopted by students and institutes.

far study has been done  and published by
various university which highlighted 
that SaaS is compatible with other software .It is comparatively easy to
access and reliable.Saas is useful in management field like  human resource management,computerized
accounting  and content management.(i)                  
By using Cloud computing the IT
infrastructure will automatically maintained.

It allows to use the personal workspace.

Backup will not required.

      (iv) The collaboration with online
services ensures capabilities and will secure communication.

      (v)It will help to reduce the common
problem like insufficient teachers,poor infrastructure,help in creating bridge
between the organization and fresher’s candidate.

     (vi)Service available all the time to the
users.Since it is user friendly and can be manage large data.Research
has been done with 168 students which was started in the month of September
2017 and lasted until mid November 2017.The students from Master of Computer
Management were participated. The questionnaire was created in Google Docs.Firstly,general
data i.e. gender,age and year of study is collected .Secondly,the data is
collected for the need of cloud services by using different devices.The data
were collected about gender, frequency of accessing internet and devices used
for accessing internet.For proving the hypothesis we used non-parametric test :
Spearman co-relation test.There is no positive
correlation between number of devices from which students access the Internet
and frequency of cloud services use. With the increasing use
of online services with hand on available devices the use of SaaS is highly
used by students. It is easy to share the ideas, thoughts and knowledge.
Students may create their own environment which help to access many online
services.The “not sure” type of answer also showed that students need the cloud
services but not ready to use complete 100% of it.

The students gave the
average and unsatisfactory answers for  using
cloud services frequently or need and use of cloud applications/services ,from
which we can predict they are not ready for cloud services .It is necessary to
make them educate and motivate about cloud services and its advantages in
education.It is necessary to spread the aware ness about the benefits of the
cloud services.