The including the front desk, housekeeping, food and beverages,

   The organization structure and the aspects related to the departments of the hotel for a guest’s visit, including the front desk, housekeeping, food and beverages, maintenance. Every hotel in the world must have a department called rooms division. This department is responsible for providing comfortable and safe stay for visitors and handling all their needs to be done. The rooms department handles many actions, including guests rooms reservations, preparing their rooms and getting the visitors checked in for the night. In a case, if there is a problem in a guest reservation, hotel employees are responsible for handling and solving all the complaints as soon as possible in a good manner and in an appropriate way. The front desk department takes a big part in a hotel. It is a place where guests have to be greeted, checked in and out of their rooms and all customer needs have to be handled. Desk clerks must handle many guests questions and needs in a good and professional manner to make a pleasant first impression when customers arrive in a hotel. Desk clerks have to be reliable, professional and responsible for their actions in order to satisfy all guests needs. Hi hotel is not franchised hotel and reservation can be made in a different ways. For example, Hi hotel managed by a regional company and can be reserved online and by calling the property directly. Very often, guests have a variety of questions in a hotel and all the questions have to be answered by employees in the hotel building. In inns that are less occupied, reservations might be joined with other front work area works and handled by a desk clerk. A person who helps guests to plan their visits, recommend different memorable places for guests that attract many tourists to visit and even make reservations for excursions is concierge. The main role of the hotel’s housekeeping department is cleaning guest rooms. In housekeeping department, employees are responsible for many things, including cleaning rooms, doing laundry and make sure everything in a hotel is clean and rooms are ready to be occupied by guests. In a hotel industry, food and beverages department is very important and takes a big role. The main responsibilities for this department is to make high quality of food and service. The significant role of this department is that, it is the second highest revenue generating department after front office department. Some important functions include the design and development of menus, pricing, portion control, wastage control, customer staff relations and staff training. Food and beverages department comprises of two main operational areas: bar (service of beverages) and restaurant (dining services). In a case, if in Hi hotel, guests can go downstairs to the basement and find a big and cozy bar that offers a variety of food and drinks. If guests don’t want to eat in a restaurant in a hotel, they can explore king and queen streets and find many good restaurants and cafes where they can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and try national Canadian cuisine. The maintenance department guarantees the safety and security of all the staff and visitors within the boundaries and establishment. This department is responsible for decreasing operating costs in a hotel, enhancing vitality efficiencies. They secure the uprightness of the building through support of: building structures (including walls, ceiling), water facilities, electricity and furniture, alarms and equipment.