The in terms of perception is classified as a

The main
questions being asked towards studies on perception are what exactly is
perception and if it could be interpreted, quantified or measurable. Perception
could be understood as a process of being made aware of an occurrence using the
senses. Does this make it any different compared to a sensation? Yes, in the
aspect of sensation it is a detection of what has happened, whereas perception
is the interpretation of the occurrence using the questions of who, what,
where, why, when, where and how. “Perception is not a
simple passive registration of sensory input, it is a process where we actively
select, order and interpret information in order to understand and interact
with the environment.” (Herman). An example would be when someone sees a car
going straight towards that same person. The process of perception can be
applied to this scenario. It would start off as the environment being the
perceivable objects surrounding the person and to what is currently being focused
by the person. Next would be the actual mechanical process, as to the stimulus
being the car going towards the person, the energy traveling from the stimulus
to the brain, receive the perceived stimulus and evaluating it. Last would be
the perception and interpretation of the stimulus, being the car and the course
of action for the person involved which is to move out of the way of the car.
The recognition of the stimulus is what determines the perception or
interpretation of the stimulus. Most recognitions in terms of perception is classified
as a top-down recognition process, in which the stimulus undergoes
interpretation through the knowledge of the person which is not purely sensory.


The use
of perception as a measurement for the detection of bias within public opinion
is the focus of this in which we will give emphasis on. In the use of
perception there must be a bare minimum to qualify as part of a perception in
which is called the threshold.

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three types to measure this threshold are as follows:

1.      Method
of Limits

finding the threshold through this method, the extremes of each stimulus, which
is present in a specific order will be computed into the average. The average
will then become the threshold for the stimulus detected.


















2.      Method
of Adjustment


method is repeated several times with difference in intensity of the stimulus
to the point where the stimulus is no longer detectable. The
points of stimuli not detected are considered the threshold of this method.








3.      Method
of Constant Stimuli

method is presented to the observer with a randomly ordered set of stimuli in
which the threshold is always 50% detected and 50% not detected.