The in a big cruise ship. Also they’re responsible

            Thecareer I chose to do is a cruise ship director. Cruise directors arehospitality and customer service managers for cruise lines. I chose thisbecause they get to travel across the seas in a big cruise ship. Also they’reresponsible for entertainment shows, directing stage managers, hosting specialceremonies, communicating with the dining crew, monitoring guest responses,improving customer service, maintaining travel logs, and budgeting forentertainment events.

Thismostly mean they have to make sure that all guest are comfortable and having agood time.            Theeducation requirements to be a cruise director are you must graduate with goodmarks and have your diploma and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 orbetter. You should have graduation post in human resources and managementstream. Also a bachelor’s degree in leisure studies could help out with thespecialized courses.

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You must get a Master’s of Science degree in maritimeengineering, maritime science, or a related field.            When working on board you need to haveplenty of safety skills. The important skills you need are time management,critical thinking, social perceptiveness, instructing and teaching,communicating effectively, and oral comprehension. The best kind of skills arelearned at sea. With that experience it will allow you to move on to the nextlevel in your maritime career.            You must have training to be acruise director. You should take public speaking classes so you are comfortablearound a crowd of people.

It is very unlikely that a cruise director would behired without any previous work experience. It’s really not hard to become acruise director you just have to be friendly and get to know people. In all, theskills you need are to be talkative and an active person with everybody.             The job requirements to be a cruiseship director are you must have 5 years of experience in entertainmentrecreational industry and Master of Ceremony. That’s the important, but themain thing you need to make sure is you have a good responsible skills.

 There can be many job hazards of this career.Slip and fall accidents are the most dangerous because you can easily get hurtand break a bone. An illness breakout can occur and it can spreads to others.The biggest fear of the hazards is having a cruise ship collision. It canresult into underwater life threatening.

            Cruiseship directors work many hours, but they have a good pay rate. Their salariescan range up to at most $5,800-$7,500 a month. They can make at least $15 anhour. Directors total pay amount ranged for the whole year can be averaged toabout $38,783 – $124,376. It is not a 9-5 job, they work up to 24 hours ormore, even days.            There’s many jobs located around theU.S.

to be a cruise ship director. The best location is in Miami, Florida forthe Royal Caribbean Cruises. Miami, Florida is the main state/city for this,because the other states have different job title employers.             Community colleges and technicalcolleges offer a variety of programs and certification that can help you gethired in the cruise industry. You have to take college four years for thiscareer.

The college that I will attend for this career is Florida InternationalUniversity (FIU). FIU is the fourth-largest public university by enrollment inthe United States. FIU is made up of two major campuses: The Modesto A.Maidique campus and the Biscayne Bay campus. The Chaplin School of Hospitalityand Tourism Management offers Bachelor and Master Degrees in HospitalityManagement. The classes you have to take here are comprehensive set of coreeducational courses and hands-on practical experience.

To graduate from thiscollege, students must complete an advanced internship program and a seniorseminar in hospitality management. Also, you must have a minimum cumulative GPAof 2.75. The cost to attend this college is $18,954 for out-of-state studentswithout financial aid. It is $6,556 for in-state students.

I will attend thiscollege for at least four years to get a bachelor’s degree.