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The abacus was the first precursor to the modern day computer and was just a simple clever computing device.  Today’s computer is a complex machine constantly being innovated and geared to handle multifarious tasks, with a clientele that is progressively increasing. And with innovation there has come simplicity of usage, making it a machine that makes life’s chores simple for us all.  The computer revolution has been the fastest growing technology in man’s history. This expansive and everyday expanding field of Information Technology has been a constant source of inspiration for me. Ever since I was introduced to Information Technology there has been an ongoing fascination with it.  A fascination that never palls and each new innovation fills me with excitement. And it is with an MS in Computer Science I want to add to the excitement, hone my knowledge, and be engrossed in a career that I love. Ever since school when computers first cast its spell on me, I made up my mind to get a undergrad degree in Information Technology Engineering. I did exceptionally well in high school, scoring 79.8% in the board exams, and followed this with a score of 78.6% in the XII grade. This gained me entry into the Shri G. S. Institute of Technology and Science, Indore at the Department of Information Technology for a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Throughout my undergraduate years I have always adopted a rigorous approach in order to attain an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand.  This  has  given  me  a broad conceptual basis, which, I  believe,  is  essential  to work towards a Master’s.  My grades in the basic courses reflect my quest for strong fundamentals, have been good, averaging 72.4% overall.  To gain a keener understanding of my subjects with a view to supplement my theory practically, I have been selecting topics from various domains, for instance database development, website development, web application development and mobile application development for projects. All these projects have been on the application side, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and have been instrumental in narrowing down my interest. I have now arrived without doubt at what I love the best and which fills me with passion, namely database management.  This will be my primary thrust, and in which I have garnered working knowledge. It was only when I embarked on projects did I truly understand the concepts and working on them gave me a clearer picture. I learned Java a truly versatile computer language and used it for my first information technology project called ‘Car Rental Management System’.  We combined the basic concepts of an object oriented language together with the efficient use of database to make smooth IT solution for car rentals. The end result was a total understanding of Java and the deployment of database concepts.  My next independent project used Java to create an online examination on similar lines as the GRE, and it was a success. I next embarked on a project on Android mobile application for one of my collegiate club. The scope was to create a database of thousands of student participants coming from different universities and states, the events they chose to participate, their registration fees, and sundry other details. Working systematically I worked hard and had it up and running without a hitch. I loved working on this, the categorizing of data and planning for its fast retrieval, minimizing time lag, repetition and error, so much so that I desired to really hone my knowledge in database management systems. In conjunction with the aforesaid my college curriculum had us participating in seminars outside its regular scope.  Two seminars worth mentioning that gave me a rare insight were the one on ethical hacking and the other on light painting, which really set me thinking on ways to gain a deeper understanding of computer science. And a master’s in Computer Science is what I am gearing for. Music gives my life a rare balance.  It perks me up and refreshes me when down.  I am versatile at the keyboard and have given many public performances where I have provided accompaniment to key singers. I am a good singer too and enjoy singing for its sheer joy. I have won a fair number of singing competitions too.  Sports too take a large chunk of my life and it is chess, cricket and table tennis that I consciously make time for. Nearing the tail end of my undergrad, I am planning for a master’s in Computer Science and I look towards a Master’s from your University in USA to head me in the direction of success. Post grad study in the US holds out a promise of unparalleled infrastructure, a study environment comprising of state-of-the-art labs and libraries, a curriculum that is in sync with tomorrow, a faculty with great expertise that interfaces you with industry oriented research.  I have a sound grounding in the basic fundamentals of information technology gleaned over a period of four years through the BE in IT that I earned as well as the splendid industry exposure  of 24 months in IT industry. I hope to build on this.