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The last two decades are just an insight of the worlds fascinating future. The era saw the boom in the market with standalone systems, followed by rapidly growing web applications and then the tiny systems which can be carried in pockets.

Each of these phases needed major changes in hardware as well as software. It also saw phenomenal changes in how a user will interact with these systems. From working with Batch to execute tasks on bulky computers to the touch screen and now voice-enabled commands in slim smartphones, the amazing advancements in virtual reality and wearables, Human-Computer interaction has come a long way.  With these rapid changes in technologies over the years, it is evident that research and innovation in HCI field is a need to stay in the competition.

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A passion for computers and everything digital led me to pursue Diploma and B.Tech in .tech in Information Technology. During my undergraduate studies, I developed an interest in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Graphics and Multimedia and Web Systems and Technologies. I had a penchant for designing and building digital products.

I acquired several skills – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and Adobe Photoshop. Having learned and acquired the skills, I began using these skills to design and websites develop applications for mobile phones. During my diploma, I chose “Memristor Technology” as my seminar presentation which not only allowed me to research on the usage of memristor in nanoelectronic memories, neuro memristive computer architectures but also increased my presentation skills. I also completed a project called SCOS(Simple Cloud OS). The idea behind the project was to allow the user to use basic applications like window manager, text editor, calculator, drawing application and filesystem in the browser and store all data in the remote location that can be accessed from anywhere.During my undergraduate days, the exam results and course registration were only allowed to access from college internal network. Hence for my undergraduate project, I chose to develop a mobile application entitled ‘COEP MIS’. The application was designed to let students access academic information, exam results, course registration, college events via smartphones anytime of the day from anywhere.

I developed the application using the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and Intel XDK IDE tools, which allowed me to create the application with reduced code capable of running the application across multiple platforms such as Android, Windows and IOS. As a part of my extra-curricular professional activities, I took part in competitions and participated in seminars that tested my learning in computer applications. I am particularly proud of my entry, “Virtual Library,” in the project competition held by Credit Suisse.  This application allowed students to access online resources such as e-books, videos, lecture slides, research papers and notes.

The Software Development Processes course was quite helped to build the project as it was evaluated based on the SDLC model for two months. I also used SHA 256 encryption algorithm learnt in Information Security course to encrypt the user’s data. Virtual Library also won a 1st prize(Samsung Galaxy S4) in the competition.Besides my professional interests, I have been an active participant in several extra-curricular activities that involve many disciplines such as physical fitness, gardening, photography, sports and social disciplines.

I have won several awards for individual performance as well as for the teams I have represented. I headed Open Source Software workshop called TUX in “COEP Mindspark” technical event which allowed me to harness my leadership and manageability skills.After the undergraduate career, I realized that in order to apply the skills I learnt in the classroom and online I needed to build and create websites for real users. I achieved this goal by creating two websites and While the is my portfolio website, yolyfie.

com is a free resource for web designers and graphic designers. Before starting development of yolyfie, I applied learning of HCI principles like user-centric and iterative design to illustrate a basic layout of the site on paper and then I converted it into UI design using photoshop while keeping in mind the user interactions. I was glad to receive ‘Best Web Design’ award and nominations for both websites from renowned organizations such as,, designnominees.

com and yolyfie also attract significant online traffic every month.Soon after finishing my undergraduate studies I took up employment in Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as a UI Developer.

My stint at HPE was very rewarding as I worked on innovative technologies like Synergy and OneView. Working on such projects enlightened me about practical applications of data centre and hence probed me consider further education in the field of computer science. My work at HPE allowed me to learnt how to develop and manage large-scale single page web application.

Designing UI and image editing is always being my hobby which further enhanced when I got chance to work on UX design of different features in Oneview application. After working on this project I learnt the process of gathering user requirements to convert it into mockups and usability testing.The domain of internet security always attracted me since my introduction to Information Security and Cyber Security, Forensics and Legal Perspective courses in undergraduate, so after serving for HPE for two years, I joined ColorTokens, a company specializing in cybersecurity. I am currently involved in developing UI for the company’s cybersecurity based web application. Concepts learn about security in both these courses are helping me understand the need and importance of cyber security products in the current world, also helping me to understand product easily and speeding up my development work.

Since my learning involved UI technologies, I developed a high level of interest for human-computer interaction (HCI). HCI is a field of study that is dear to my heart as I want to observe, understand and design technologies that help humans to interact with computers in as many new ways as possible. I have a deep interest in computer applications. I have learned the nuances of designing web applications. I have worked with world-leading companies and gained organizational experience. I have a deep interest in HCI. I now wish to specialize in HCI.

With this intention, I have applied for the Masters of Science program in Human-Computer Interaction specialization at ABC University.I wish to learn as much as possible from your well-structured course. I am excited at the prospect of learning under erudite faculty like Professor XYZ, whose numerous projects and research in the field of HCI has left me fascinated. Given a chance, I would hope to involve myself in his ongoing research endeavours. The excellent research facilities like the HCI Lab would facilitate my research pursuits in my fields of interest like software development, user interface design and ubiquitous computing. I plan to use my learning in designing technologies whereby human users can interact with computers seamlessly. Besides the theoretical knowledge, I would acquire by undergoing the master’s program, I intend to supplement this with exposure to practical applications through my interaction with the best talent such as professors, designers and researchers available at the university.

Therefore, I am very confident that I would be able to achieve my dreams with the help of the education I would receive at your esteemed university. I sincerely thank you for reviewing my application and look forward to being a part of your great institution as a graduate student.