The Gutted Landscape comes in part of its erect

The artwork above was produced by Fauzan Omar from Kelantan, Malaysia on a piece of grindedplywood. It is called the Fire Gutted Landscape. The theme is nature but more on environment. It isabout the complexity of belonging, multiple narrative on identity and who own the land? Crossingboundaries and entering territories.As for the visual impact of the Fire Gutted Landscape comes in part of its erect size, a nearly elevenfeet wide piece of energy. By standing in front of the painting, viewers are consumed in thespectacular environment it creates. When closely observed, the specifics of the techniques used canbe fully appreciated, for example the lines that grow wide then diminish to create the leaf-likestructure.

These variations gives the artwork a glittering, 3D quality. The entwining assortments oflines becomes a curious net that extends over the whole piece of artwork.Fauzan Omar’s use of colour in Fire Gutted Landscape is ambiguously exquisite. The brown andgoldish colour seem to dominate, but when one steps away from the painting, a sudden sense ofpale mauve suddenly appears into work.

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The elusive nature of Omar’s use of colour as the painting isconstruct primarily of brown, dark brown just like a representation of the leaves that witters inautumn. The use of line is concentrated around the perimeter of the plywood, serving to lead theeye around and then across the entire artwork.Because there is no main subject in the form of a human figure, place or thing, viewers mayberequired to patiently scan the world created by the artwork, continuously noticing new patterns andmaybe unexpected revelelations that cant be seen with only one look.

Omar uses mainly uses a mixture of brown and dark brown to give the artwork an earthyappearance, further exposing on the idea of textual layers which are clearly shown to the viewer.The elements and principles Omar uses here are colour, contrast, texture, emphasis and repetition.The use of of colour gives the overall effects of the artwork which appears to be very earthy, autumnlike atmosphere and somewhat calm from the brown to the light brown to the intense streaks ofstriking black.Contrast was also used during the creating of the artwork to balance the artwork resulting in aformation which may have given Omar what he was looking for.Texture in the artwork is also a significant factor as well as in the majority of Omar’s artwork. His useof texture allows the artwork to have layers and a 3D like appearance immediately creating aglowing texture.

Omar achieves this through the use of brown to light brown.Emphasis is also seen in Omar’s artwork as there is thick of long streaks of black throughout theartwork. The black streaks sort of border the artwork which in return allows viewers to be directedin all four corners of the artwork.Fire Gutted Landscape(ii)Fire Gutted Landscape (ii)Analysis:By looking at the fire gutted landscape it appears rather muddy, a mixture of light brown and darkbrown tones. It seems that the artwork has been darkened with think black colour to make it appearmore vibrant. Omar also created a complex linear of dark patches using black. For the initial layerthe colour was diluted, so that it could soaked into the length of the plywood, thereby creating asense of harmony.The colours that was used by Omar in Fire Gutted Landscape is particularly radiant.

The brown andgoldish colour seem to dominate, take a step back and it could be seen that black lines. The mainnature of Omar’s use of colour as the artwork is construct primarily of brown, dark brown just like arepresentation of the leaves that witters in autumn. The use of line is concentrated around theperimeter of the plywood, serving to lead the eye around and then across the entire artwork.It could be seen that there is a repetition of leaf-like structure which seems informal and organic .The thick of long streaks of black is spreading throughout the artworks to blend in with the darkbrown to create a sense of harmony.Interpretation:The thick black smoke rising from the burning trees, dust particles polluting our air, ash and fumes,hazy skies, low visibility. All this will again become a problem when haze comes to blight Malaysiaagain in the coming days. The haze makes us all vulnerable and brings disastrous effect to theenvironment and wildlife; no matter if it is a result of man's negligence or greed.

but I believe thatthe haze can inspire new thoughts and feelings, inducing deeper sentiments that evolve ideationaland emotional responses. Can we agree that some degree of aesthetic insight lies in the unbearablehaze? Can charred remain of burned trees be considered as aesthetic artifacts place in the systempattern of burned and unburned landscapes be considered as art? One sure thing that arises fromthese ongoing tragedies that is not easy for me to deny or ignore is the beauty in the ugliness ofhaze ;The Hazardous Beauty;.This artwork is trying to tell us about the haze. The Haze will effect everyday Malaysians too. Thehaze is a regular phenomenon faced by Malaysia and a few of her neighbouring countries. The hazeis basically pollution of atmosphere, which has clogged with pollutants and other substances fromforest fires. During the haze, hospitals and clinic will frequently report a dramatic increase inrespiratory problems, lung infections and asthma attack among the citizens.

The haze has long-term side effects. Prolonged inhalation of polluted air will result in serious lunginfection which particularly affects the elderly. The haze can also cause dry throats and result in fluor runny nose. Moreover, some people may come down with sore eyes(conjunctivitis), headache,dizziness, decrease lung function, chest pain.In addition, this will perhaps bring death to those who is not strong enough to withstand thedetrimental effects of the haze. Besides causing ill health, the haze can cause serious injuries or livesto be lost.

This is because the haze obscures vision on the road or in the air. The haze can cause acollision of pilots lose their bearing because the haze hampered their vision.Haze particles can greatly affect heart and lungs, especially to those who has already a weak heart orlung disease. There is currently no data both locally or internationally, that looks into the long termhealth impact of short-term, episodic exposure to haze.Researching this would be highly challenging. Any results would be based onl studies only, whichwould not be able to show a precise cause-and- effect relationship.

It would also be very difficult tostudy the direct long-term health effects due to the episodic exposure to haze, as there could bemany other contributing factors to the long-term health outcome we are calculating.Health impacts are related to concentrations as well as exposure, adding to the health status and theactivity of an individual. The health advisors will always issue a daily update on the haze base onforecast and studies.If the symptoms are moderate, one can avoid the haze by staying indoors with the windows anddoors shut, and turning on an effective air purifier should be sufficient enough to help withrespiration. If the symptoms are more serious or it is unsure how badly the haze has spread, it is bestto consult with a nearby doctor. It is encourage not to self-medicate or use inhalers that is not recommended by a profesion. Forexample, an asthma medication that contains steroids and a long-acting bronchodilator medication.

It is a prescription-only medication that is not without side effects and it should not be tried withoutproper medical advice and proper care.In conclusion, children, the elderly, and people with chronic lung disease, heart disease are moresensitive the health effects of haze, and should maintain the preventive measures in the MOH healthadvisory when air quality is poor. Citizens are advised to consult their doctor should they developbreathing difficulties to avoid any uncertainties. In addition, it is very advised that pregnant womenreduce exposure to haze for the health of their unborn baby.Judgement:Fauzan Omar created this artwork because he wanted to express his concern about the hazeproblem that has constantly been causing a lot of problem for Malaysians and help the citizen toknow the importance of what to do and not to do during haze. Omar believe that the humans willalways try to prevail , grinding their teeth to find a solution for the haze.

Art is at its best when it helps to advance some cause that will, presumably advance the interest inhumanity. Judging by the sentence, it would have seem that Fauzan Omar’s artwork isinstrumentalism whereby the work of an art is measured by its capacity to change human behaviourin public and visible ways. In this case, Omar was trying to emphasize the danger of haze that couldeffect the human life and what humans can do to prevent any harm from happening.