The from multiple sources. Some of these anomalies encompass

The following is a securityassessment plan for a company in the oil and natural gas sector. This is afterit has been ascertained that the company has recently been experiencinganomalies and incidents leading to security breaches. It is notedthat these anomalies have not shown signs of being correlated and hence it isnot ascertained whether they emanate from a single source or from multiplesources. Some of these anomalies encompass the crashing of the three of thecorporates databases as well as unauthorized changes in the networkconfiguration being made. In order to pass the management through the securityof the company, this report will define the various OS which serve thecompany’s information system as well as their vulnerabilities. Moreover, thereport will explore on network vulnerability scanning, the necessaryVulnerability Assessment Tools for OS and Applications as well as ajustification for using such tools. Lastly, the report will giverecommendations on how to handle the present and future cyber security issueseffectively.