The framework developed by Beamon (1999) which consists of

The academicians have been successfully made an integrative supplychain measurement system model by eliminating several weaknesses from theprevious functional model.

Several SPCMS model that has been successfullyfounded by the academicians are: Beamon (1999), Gunasekaran model (2001), andSupply Chain Performance Metrics by Warren Hausman (2001). Not onlyacademicians, all practitioners that joined in non-profit organization namedSupply-ChainCouncil (SCC) has been successfully developed a model that called asSupply Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR). This council continuously makesimprovements till now. The collaboration between academician and practitionerhas been structured and succeeding in creating performance measurement modelssuch as: Peter Gilmour Model (1999), and Supply chain Balanced Scorecard Modelby Brewer and Speh (2000).The Supply Chain performance measurement framework developed by Beamon(1999) which consists of three basic elements are Resources, Output, andFlexibility (known as ROF).

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Resources generally measured to obtain the minimumrequirement in quantity or in different way. Resources are used to measure theefficiency of the system. The Balanced Scorecard developed by Kaplan and Norton(1996) for the first time. Balanced Scorecards are designed to help the companywho focused in measuring the financial indicator that has short termscharacter. SCPMS based on Balanced Scorecard that was developed by Brewer andSpeh (2000).

They use Balanced Scorecard to develop the framework for supplychain measurement system and show some examples of Supply Chain performanceindicator that suitable with Balanced Scorecard framework. Gunasekaran et al(2001) develop a performance measurement framework based on five basic processof Supply Chain that is Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Customer Service andSatisfaction. Each kind of indicators is identify and then are divided intothree different level, strategic, tactics, and operational.Supply Chain Council (SCC) develops and introduces the Supply Chain performancemeasurement framework that well known as SupplyChain Operations Reference (SCOR) model. This model is developing todescript the five Supply Chain basic management process to fulfill the customerrequirement.

There are five basic management processes are used in thisframework, there are Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return.