The feel as if no one will listen or

purpose of my Capstone Project is to implement programs or clubs into schools
in order to provide students with mental or emotional disorders with a safe
space. This allows for students to find and receive support without being
ashamed or anxious to see a counselor. It is important that students,
especially high schoolers, are provided with emotional support while dealing
with the burdensome pressures of the academic and social aspects of school.

Many students do not know how to deal with their feelings or issues and feel
overwhelmed with everything going on in their lives; they feel as if no one
will listen or help them if they reach out or express themselves. Burrowing the
issues of their school lives and home lives can be emotionally destructive for
students, and the safe space could help lessen many of the burdens they carry
inside them.

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address this widespread problem, Chelsea Rose Farinaro and I aim to work with
and start clubs in two high schools: Moreau Catholic High School and Head Royce
High School. The idea for the name the programs or clubs is “1-800” after the
suicide hotline phone number “1-800-273-8255.” To complete our goal, Chelsea
and I plan to go to the schools and talk to counselors in an attempt to
implement that safe space, which could be in the form of a club or other
program, so the students of that school can be provided with support when they
feel alone. These safe spaces can include group sessions, where a number of
people express themselves to their peers and they are given options on how to
address their issues. We will also orchestrate fundraisers for organizations
that offer help and emotional support to those who have mental disorders or
other worries. It is essential that people in this society know about mental
disorders so they can be sensitive to those suffering with them and be a
support system, so we will also try to educate people about the disorders so
the taboo on discussing emotional health will be eradicated.

are many types of mental illnesses, and people all over the world and all different
ages suffer from them. The most common disorder in the United States is
depression. There are also many types of depression; some common forms are
major depression, dysthymia, seasonal affective disorder, and bipolar disorder.

The symptoms of depression affect how people feel, think, and handle activities
people do daily. Other mental disorders are anxiety disorders, which are often
misunderstood. Most people feel anxious before important events such as
performances, but people with anxiety disorders often feel distressed for no
evident reason. There are many forms of anxiety, such as Generalized Anxiety
Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Phobia, Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder. Even though they are serious, all
mental disorders are treatable. Most disorders, including depression and
anxiety, are often treated with medications or psychotherapy.

schools throughout the US provide counseling services to the students, varying
from academic to mental health counseling. Each state in the country has a
different requirement for counseling policies in schools. As of 2009,
California schools are not required to provide counseling services, but they
allow school districts to provide a counseling program for all the students in
that district. We aim to inspire more change to the requirements of the states,
as all states should require schools to provide counseling services to
students, as mental disorders are significant issues in our world.