The effect in different places in Germany (Museum 2018).

The holocaust was horrible thing that happened in January 30,1933-May 8,1945. It caused the death of at least 20 million people.. The most people who died in the holocaust were Jews. There were many other people who died like soviet civilians, soviet prisoners, non- jewish polish civilians, serb civilians, gypsies, jehovah witnesses, and the homosexuals. They were judged and picked on because of the race and sexuality they were. There was one man who caused all of this chaos and madness during this point and time. Adolf Hitler. He was the cause of World War ll, Genocide, and Ethnic cleansing. Jews made up most of the population before the holocaust in Poland, Soviet Union, Hungary, and Romania which is all a part of Eastern Europe. They also spoke their own language called yiddish. Which was the combination of German and Hebrew. The Jews were very common for being wealthy. Most Jews owned multiple businesses and factories.They also got hate because they were Jews. There are many occurances of Jews murdered or hurt just because they were just jews.There was one time where a Jewish man named Walter Rathenau was assassinated because he was a Jew. He was assassinated by right wing radicals. They assassinated him because he was a jew and his point of view on certain things that was involved in where he worked. After he was assassinated and no one really didn’t investigate about it or get involved with it (Museum 2018). Another occurrence of when jews were hurt and even killed was in a violent attack in Przytyk, Poland. In this violent occurrence at least 80 Jews got killed and over 200 people got wounded. The attacks they did caused at least three Jews to be killed and at least sixty or more to be wounded. The people who started theses attacks are program. Which are a group of organized people that slaughter or massacre  certain ethnic groups. The group they targeted this time and place were Jews that lived in Russia or Eastern Europe. Days after the attack the from the program they spread to neighboring towns. Once, The program is done with their killing spree the got at least 80 Jews killed and over 200 wounded. This caused violence Jews all over central Poland in 1935-1937. This caused Anti-Jewish or anti- semitic to take place and cause more effect in different places in Germany (Museum 2018). Anti semitic was a hate campaign that caused people to hate Jews (Library 2018). Anti-semitism was sort of influenced by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, but not really. History has shown that even before anti semitism occured Jews were treated badly then because of the race they were (staff 2009). Hitler just added on that Jews are bad and caused Germany to lose the war to lose the war. It didn’t take long for people to join in his side because after the war Germany had  economic and social problems (library 2018). This caused more hate towards jews and some countries supported the thought of having Jews. On September 1791, the Jews were emancipated in France. Which means the removal of discrimination of Jews. So after the problem with People treating Jews, They were getting put into the ghetto which eventually turns into concentration camps. There are many reasons of why Hitler hated Jews. One of the reason is that Hitler wanted Germany an aryan country. This means that he only wanted people who were aryan or pure German in Germany(staff 2009). So to get Germany to be that way he wanted to exterminate the people who aren’t aryan. He wanted them dead so he thought of the idea of concentration camps. He had to wait for the camps to be built so he put them into ghettos first and then concentration camps. The most people that were put into ghettos were Jews and other races. Before they were going to get into the ghetto, they were only allowed to take a few personal belongings with them while they were forced out of their homes and into this cramped area with Jews and other races (Vashem 2018). They built the ghettos by taking structures that were already built and putting a wall around it for the people to live in. When you got into the ghetto they placed multiple families into small homes. The ghettos were hectic, cramped, and they lacked in having the basic electrical and sanitary items they needed.(Vashem 2018). the way you got food was by trading some of you items for food.The food rations were very small. The Kapos tried starving them by allowing them to buy only one small piece of food. By this happening many people tried stealing food or some people had enough money to buy or sell things to get food. The food they gave the them were fat, bread, and potatoes (Mesum 2018).Kids helped by smuggling food across the ghetto wall and If they were caught stealing food they were severely punished the Kapos. Most of people plumbing broke down and some of people’s feces were thrown into the streets along with garbage people had. This caused diseases to break out and death(Museum 2018).The way people died were by either the cold, no food to eat, or diseases. By having fecal matter all around people got sick and having very small food rations didn’t help them either. The way people died were by either the cold, no food to eat, or diseases. In the winter people began to get cold because they didn’t have enough warm