The during the World War 2. The story takes

The Nineteen Eighty Four is a fiction story that sets in the year 1984. The author wrote this story in 1948 after the World War 2. He wrote the future story, but it based on what he knew and he saw during the World War 2.

The story takes place in London, which is the Air Strip One that refers to the mainland of Oceania. It is an unstable city that damaged by a war. The city is controled by government, which called Big Brother. Big Brother watches and controls all citizens by the telescreens that have everywhere in the city and it has in every house as well.

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 The Theme             The Nineteen Eighty Four shows how the people and the country live under the government control. There is no freedom for the human. The citizens cannot hide anything from the government. In the story, Winston and Julia try to hide their relationship from the government and the telescreen. However, there are telescreens everywhere even in their secret room.

Furthermore, this story also shows the betrayal of the government. Winston truth on O’Brien and he believe that O’Brien is a part of Brotherhood to against the Big Brother. Otherwise, it is just a trick of O’Brien. At the end, O’Brien betrays Winston and punishes Winston very bad. Additionally, the story also demonstrates the power of government changes human mind. In this story, the government, which is Big Brother, wants to clear the thinking of human and change the truth. Everyone in the city must follow the government with no exception.

The citizens have to do everything that the government asks them to do. For example, in this story, the government force people to think that two plus two equals five. In fact, it is not true. Two plus two equals four and it cannot be five. The citizens must follow the government even it is wrong or untrue from what they know, think, or see. If they do not follow the government, they can be kill or torture by the system machine and the thing that they fear or their weakness. The government will train and punish them until they change and follow what the government wants.  The Characters             There are three main characters in the Nineteen Eighty Four, which are Winston Smith, Julia, and O’Brien.

            Winston Smith is a really important character in this story. He is a man thirty nine year old. He is in love with Julia. He works in the Ministry of Truth, which called Minitrue. In his job, he has duty to change the words or language of the past and history in magazines, posters, and newspapers. Moreover, he is also one of the people who want to against Big Brother. He really hates Big Brother and the system of the government.

He does not follow the government at all. He believes in what he thinks, sees, and knows.             Julia is a pretty dark hair woman. She has the relationship with Winston. She is the one who always stays and talks to Winston. She works in the Ministry of Truth. She has a role of Fiction Department. She knows a lot of party member.

            O’Brien is a member of the inner party that works in the Ministry of Truth. He is the one who Winston truth and believe that he is a part of Brotherhood, which is an anti-government that against the Big Brother. The Plot             The story begins with Winston Smith. He lives in London. This city is under control of the government, which is Big Brother. Big Brother is the head of the government and the party who control the whole city.

There are the posters of Big Brother everywhere and it says, “Big Brother is watching you.” Moreover, there are also the telescreens everywhere of the city and every house that watching every action of the citizens. All citizens must wear their ID number before they go out of their houses. If they do something wrong or not follow the government, the government is watching and telling you by the telescreen. However, there is one part of Winston’s house that telescreen cannot see, which is his table. Winston writes his diary on the table to hide from the telescreen of his house. In his diary, he writes about the situation of the city, his living condition, his feeling, the government, the policies, Big Brother, and also about a pretty woman that he met along the way he came home.

A pretty woman, named Julia, always looks at Winston when she meets him. Winston feels afraid of her. After that, Winston goes to the café shop with his friend. They see the police come to arrest the two traitors in the café shop. Then, Winston also sees a pretty woman that always follows him. She is starring at Winston again.

Winston tells his friend that he scares and does not like her. Winston goes out of the café shop and runs. A pretty woman stills follow Winston. He sees the junk shop where he brought his diary.

He goes in the junk shop. He asks the old man who is the owner of this shop, Mr. Charrington, to walk around and take a look. The old man invites Winston to see a room above his shop that he keeps some interest things. That room is quite comfortable for Winston because there has no telescreen. Winston feels that he like that room.