The contrast to the rather cold colors being used

The media being used is oil paint, as itallows the artist to express but also inflict feelings and emotions.

Media Various different colors are being usedfor this artwork. On the left-hand side representing the morally good, you havea more colorful set of colors, the edges and corner mainly consist of green,yellow and some blue, while these colors merge into the prominent red figurethat is partly shaded by a white film. Red is a perfect choice, as it is areally warm color and expresses love and passion. It also forms a strongcontrast to the rather cold colors being used on the right-hand side, which describethe evil force. This time a mix of dark purple a blue tone is being used on theedges and corners. Theses rather obscure colors fuse and become one with theblack circular figure.

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Color Even though the distribution of two setsof colors, representing good and evil, are fairly balanced; it almost lookslike the darker force is losing the battle. The darker side consists of variouscircle looking lines, arguably looking like wind. Wind that gets pushed back bythe striking force of the more colorful red form which is supported by many otherlight colors on the left-hand corner such as green or yellow. Composition Franz Marcs style reflected the ideologyof expressionism, a movement that focused on the meaning of subjectiveresponses and emotions inflicted by various events that surrounded orcontributed to the artists life.

His style heavily relies on the minimizationof identifiable figures, just using forms and lines, and rather focuses on theuse and meanings of color, to express his feelings and point of view. Style The abstract image shows a greatstruggle of supremacy, good versus evil, both forces not willing to give up.Influenced by the war-propaganda led by the Germans right before the start ofthe Great War, the two opposing forms are likely to represent Germany and therest of Europe, whereby Germany`s enemies represent the morally bad opposition.It seems like the bright red form is the aggressor, surrounded by various otherrather light and colorful colors, trying to overwhelm the much darker blackforce. You could almost identify the prominent red figure as an abstract formof an Eagle, with its stretched-out wings and its bulging beak ahead fightingthe evil.

Because the eagle is Germany`s crest sign it would underline thepremise that Germany and its enemies are represented in this art work.Theme