The Cirilo Bautista, I noticed the one that he

The poem “A Man Fall to his Death” written by Cirilo Bautista talked about a man committed suicide which is not stated the reason why he did that thing. There is one possibility that I see that results to killing itself; according to the text, the man was threatened with dismissal for displeasing a superior which may affect him from his decision. But maybe this is just a coincidence and there are other factors that lead him finishing his own life. Other possibilities may affect the man are the air, heat, and hunger but this incident is unpredictable.     If I use biographical criticism, the poem is an example of Cirilo Bautista’s work that may be influenced by other writers. After I watched Akdang-buhay series that featured the interview with Cirilo Bautista, I noticed the one that he says it is that during his high school days he usually try to copy the style or form of the literary work he loved to read like ” Liwayway”, “Bulaklak” and etc.. It may affect him to do that kind of poem which has a different type of style, Bautista wrote the poem with a mathematical diagram on it, there is a technical word and there is the one inside the parenthesis that is understandable than the text outside of it. Cirilo Bautista also witnessed the ups and downs of this country during the time of Marcos administration up to this time of Pres. Duterte. Maybe there is an effect to Bautista’s work the things happening in the society so he wrote that kind of poem because he witnessed many people died during Marcos administration. Also, he wanted to show that the man symbolizes the society which means we are actually doing the same thing as the man did to his life if we do not live our life productively then we’re just wasting it just like the character in the poem. In addition, the author also wants us to be interested in the poem by trying to know the real reason why he wrote this thing and be more critical thinker because Cirilo Bautista is known to be a critical thinker.    If I relate the poem and the news article that I read that is about the man falls from a tower these two works are similarly talking about suicide. According to the report, a man identified as Rissan Alarosa, a helper at the Megacity General Construction and Development Corporation which like the man in the poem that surrounded of people with a higher position than him or we called it as more superior. The person may be fired from his job and did not take that easily so the result is he finishes his life by jumping to the tower that has a similar story to the man in the poem. But in the news article, it remains unclear if Alarosa had jumped off from the building or accidentally fell. In interpreting literary work, you have to be more critical on analyzing every detailed and to the background of the text.