The cause of CTE are concussions, because of the

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar franchise; nevertheless, they continueto deny their faults with players CTE diagnosis.

Although the NFL is a multi-billiondollar franchise, their support towards CTE players has been at a standstill. Theyhave settled in some million dollar cases, with those families who have had thecourage to stand up for their loved ones. The NFL has created certainprotocols, when it comes to players with concussions but I do believe they cando a lot more for their players. NFL players give football their mind, body andsouls, they deserve to have professionals look out for them. Right now the protocolfor concussions are; if a player shows signs of concussions they remove himfrom the game, and do testing on them to make sure they are okay. But studiesshow that even with these protocols, players are still developing signs of CTE.According to “The NFL and Brain Injuries”, in the 2013 season, 228 concussionswere documented. More than half of them were because of head on collisions.

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Away that the NFL can help prevent this would be by fining the player whom isresponsible for the concussion. The NFL fines for many reasons and this wouldbe a great way to start. Instead of the NFL looking the other way for patientswith CTE, they should start a foundation for those families whom have lost aloved with a CTE diagnosis.

The NFL doesn’t want to admit that the leadingcause of CTE are concussions, because of the consequences of lawsuits that theywould have against them every time a player commits a crime or dies. One greatway the NFL can be supportive is by investing money into case studies, betterhelmets, and even changing up some of the rules of football. While NFL players are being effected physically and mentally, the NFLcontinues to oversee the player’s health issues, and the NFL continues beingseen as the greatest sport in America.

A player’s physical and mental healthshould always be put forth no matter the loss to the team.