The caught the snake”. We are all running towards

 The chilly desert breathes out a cool, refreshing breath swaying the bushes forward and backward. As I’m walking on the golden tickly sand, the microscopic grains are sliding between my balmy toes. As my flying silky hair creates butterfly wings, I can feel a shiver creep along my back from the cold breeze, slithering all over my body raising many goosebumps.

The sky above looks like strokes of watercolour, with patches of red and blue, at some points they join to form a shade of violet and purple. There are many dotted clouds above. However it is the bright sun that is the most attractive. It looks like a gold plated sphere that is decorated with ruby stones, shining so brightly that it illuminates the sand underneath.    Family and friends sit around the cosy fire that produces smoke dancing with the hot flames.

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We are drinking the delicious tea (karak) which is made of hot water, sugar and tea with two cans of milk so everyone can enjoy. We are chatting and laughing when suddenly a long snake swimming on the surface of the freezing crystals following the heat radiating from the fire. I am the only one who actually spot the snake. A loud scream comes from far away, the sharp words fill the area and makes a busy, frightening atmosphere.

    Minutes pass slowly trying to find the monster, my heart is racing very quickly, sweat is dripping off my forehead. Me and my friends are trying to find the snake. Suddenly a scream,  “Guys I caught the snake”. We are all running towards my friend who caught the snake. I suggest burning the snake to make sure that it’s dead.Later our lovely, humorous words flow making the atmosphere safe and comfortable.

My grandmother starts to tell us a story that has been heard.The monotonous words make my heart sink because I know that minutes of sitting with my friends will be wasted.To stifle her words, I rush to give her some karak, jailing her words and sealing her mouth. We laugh together, cry about sad stories basically dissimilar emotions are felt .

My back is trying to cope with sitting and my body is tired after hearing all those stories after one another.    I lie down and cold sand tickles my back giving it a lovely massage. The sky is full of hanging stars making a creative artwork.

Twenty relaxing and somnolent minutes pass with my eyes shut and dreaming of lovely things . I wake up feeling the warmth of the shiny balmy sun shaking hands with the ground. The refreshing air covers the area which fills the place with comfort and vitality. Friends and family sit around the entertaining air drinking karak and eating breakfast. When we finish eating the breakfast,the fun begins.

 Sand is all over the place, screams and shouts have a taste of excitement which boosts us with energy. After having fun in the desert we decided it’s time to return to the house.     The desert is my place where all my stress escapes and is where I have fabulous moments. Staring at the hanging, shiny stars and observing the spectacular piece of artwork of the sun set which makes my life happy.