The case of emergency. They have autonomous, independent actions




military has a different view on their decision on engagement. They believe
that there is much to be achieved together when there is unity of purpose and
everyone is committed toward strengthening the team and doing things together
to realize the best results. No individual within the military team is allowed
to do an independent action without consulting or paying attention to the goals
and priorities of the military team. There are leaders who are mandated with
the responsibility of discharging information based on what should be done, and
therefore, discretion is constrained.

both the law enforcement agencies and the military have different ways on the
decision to engage. The police move as individuals and each of them has the
right to make the right decision which is supposed to provide the correct
results in case of emergency. They have autonomous, independent actions without
considering what other team members are doing. Moreover, they have the right of
exercising the individual’s discretion in every occurrence. Therefore, in most
cases, the police force fails on many incidents due to lack of unity and solidarity
within their team. Most of them take advantage of the situation to engage in
actions that will serve their self-interest. Hence, integrity and transparency
lack among the police force, in regard most have lost their trust in them.
There are many malpractices which are associated with this organization. (DeGrasse,

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the other hand, the military has a centralized form of organization. There are
specific generals controlling how the military observe specific orders. There
is a centralized headquarter whose primary role is cater for the welfare of the
military and sort out any challenges that might hinder its progress. Unlike in
the decentralized form, there is a clear division of roles, with each
individual having a good knowledge of their role and responsibility.  In case of attacks by enemies, the military
knows the right course of action. Therefore, the work is well handled by
different teams that are focused and result oriented. (Schmalleger, 2014).

difference between the police and the military lies in their organization. The
police have a decentralized organization system. Every community has the
liberty of running its police department. Therefore, the management of the
police force is determined by the community where it is situated. However, they
cannot prevent state or federal officials from investigating offenses which are
under their jurisdiction. In such a decentralized organization, there is no
headquarter and therefore no one in charge. The organization is self-funding, in
some cases it comes up with the income generating projects to run its affair and
consequently, it is quite flexible. 

America and the rest part of the world, the police departments are strictly
based on the hierarchical and military model of organization. Hence, there is a
based on their function and structure. The primary role of the military is to
protect the country from external enemies; the police agencies in turn fight
enemies from within the country who are represented by criminals and socially
disruptive elements in the society. Just like the military, the law enforcement
agencies place emphasis on continuous training to perfect their skills and be
prepared for an emergency at all time. Both bodies have considerable risks,
hence, there a lot that is shared by the military and law enforcement unity
based on their organization and assigned duties. (Schultz, 2017).