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The job career that i choice to do my paper on is an Orthodontist. I want to be an orthodontist for plenty of reasons, one reason is that as a kid and now i had a lot problem with my teeth. In third grade i got my first set of braces on i had them on for 3 year and the was barely a change. We were supposed to come back to get my second set a year after we took the first set off but after 2 years no one called. We made the decision to move from that orthodontist when we went to the new one there was a list of stuff that needed to be done that we were never told about they said i was i difficult case but they will try. The experience of having an orthodontist who didn’t know what he was doing has inspired me to be an orthodontist when i get older so that this experience that happened to me will not happen in the future. It can be considered luck or rare to have perfect teeth. Many people have overcrowded or crooked teeth they might also have an underbite or an overbite. For those people it crucial for them to have braces. Thankfully there are ways to fix them. Orthodontics is a really good way to help fix your teeth. Orthodontist are special dentist who correct our crooked teeth. In (career cruising, 2018) it says ” They force teeth to move into a better position. They achieve better bites using braces and retainers.” braces are are small metal plates glued on to your teeth connected to an arched wire to curve and straighten your smile.They use special equipment like x-rays and photographs. They are also experts at creating and interpreting tooth molds to find out what is needed for the patients case.Next, the orthodontist decides the best way to fix the bite they may use braces or a retainer, or both. In some cases surgery is needed to fix the patients case. Orthodontists refer these patients to a surgical specialist. Not only does an orthodontist put and tighten braces they also us a tool called an expander but in  my words it’s a ” Chinese torture device” and let me tell you it hurts. An expander is a large piece of metal pushing your jaw out forcing it to expand. According to (career cruising, 2018) it says “We all know that most people see an orthodontist to improve their appearance. A straight set of teeth can add a boost of confidence. But there are other benefits to this treatment as well. Aligning teeth and jaws makes them function better. It also makes them easier to clean and might take away pain.” orthodontist can help with so much from lookks to pain or just make things easier. Orthodontist work in and with many people. Some other workers they work with are dentist, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and receptionists. These are all people who could help with the process of straightening your teeth. They tend to work in comfortable offices and dental exam rooms. While the patients are getting treated the orthodontist wears gloves a mask and safety glasses they also use special equipment inside patients’ mouths. In (career cruising, 2018) it says “Orthodontists can earn from about $92,000 to more than $300,000 a year. It takes many years of study and practice to reach the high end of this range.” all though it takes a while to get the higher pay the starting pay is quite good. But there is still alway cost for equipment and staff. To become an orthodontist you have to go to dental school. Most dental schools let you register after 2 years of college prior. But administion to get in is very very compedative. To get in your grades in college prior to dental school have to be good. The classes takes about 4 years to complete and then another 2-3 years to get your masters degree in orthodontics. So in total it’s around 9 years of school.In all an orthodontist is a very time consuming and hard job to do. But from my experience and prior knowledge i think that it would be a fun and interesting job for me in my future.