The Bill C-6, which now has more flexible restrictions

The movement of immigrants to Canada caused many cultural, political, and economic changes to the country. By examining Canada’s culture, society, new laws, and past immigration, you can see how much immigrants contributed to shaping Canada into the nation it is today. It has done this by working to increase the economy, introducing new cultures, and influencing a change in laws. Although some people may argue that immigrants are bringing down the country economically, socially, and politically, it is far from the truth. Immigrants have helped Canada grow into the nation it is in the past and will help it develop even more in the future.In order to understand Canadian immigration, you must know why immigrants chose Canada as their new home.

Pull factors that might draw people to Canada include, free health care. Immigrants, especially refugees, may not have the money for decent medical care. Another reason immigrants are drawn to Canada is the good education and many job opportunities in the country. This allows families to financially support themselves and their kids education, which can later contribute to the economic growth of the country. Political and religious freedom could be given to people who did not have it before. They might have felt unsafe without this freedom, which means they will live a better life in a country which respects their beliefs and opinions. Therefore, Canada’s Pull factors lead to an increase in immigrants, which impacted the countries cultural, politics, and economy.Immigrants have a great cultural, political, and economic impact on the nation of Canada.

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As immigrants began migrating to Canada, they shared their cultures and languages with the Canadian citizens, which allowed Canada to be known as a multicultural nation and diversified Canadian culture. The new cultures and traditions brought to Canada indicate a cultural impact on the nation. French and British immigration to Canada is why their official languages are French and English, which have been demonstrated in literature, music, and theatre throughout the country, consequently making a cultural impact.

 Additionally, to help those who wish to gain Canadian citizenship and obtain it in a faster, easier way. Changes have been made to the Citizenship Act through Bill C-6, which now has more flexible restrictions on immigration laws. The political impact immigrants have in Canada led to changes in their immigration laws.

During 1979-1981 Vietnamese Refugees immigrated to Canada and have now proved to be large economic assets to the nation. These individuals and their descendants are contributing a large amount of money towards Canada’s economy and are working jobs as vital as doctors, lawyers, and teachers. A sufficient rise in the economy will be visible if immigrants continue to be given the resources to prove themselves in the economy. Therefore, the cultural, political, and economic impact immigrants have in Canada was a positive one.

Immigrants in Canada are increasing the economy, diversifying the culture, and are bringing new laws and people to politics. Canada is a developed and diversified nation and immigrants play a big role in its current position. It is important to know the impact immigrants have on countries, because they are often overlooked or denied access to countries due to premade conceptions. But, once people see how much they can contribute to a country then they would be given better chances of starting a life in a new country.