The because although you can see the unity, it

The mural by John Biggers I chose to analyze the visual
elements of is Origins. Both Origins and Ascension are extremely beautiful, but
Origins stuck out to me the most because it reminds me of a scene from the film
The Wiz. It is also one of my favorite pieces on campus. This mural was created
in July 1990, but it was not until March 28, 1992 that Winston-Salem Delta Fine
Arts presented the mural to the university. It can be found on the west wall of
the O’Kelly Library atrium. Every time I enter the library I make sure to get a
glimpse of it.

When it comes to works of art,
every inch of it has some type of symbolism attached to it. No work of art is
meaningless; it tells a story or represents something.  Biggers mural, Origins, represents a deep
message.  However, that is not the
subject of this paper. The subject of this paper is to describe and analyze the
visual elements.  The visual elements I chose
were unity, variety, and color. These elements jut seem to catch the eye the
most in my opinion.

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When it comes to the visual element
of unity Biggers all of the compositions of the mural seem to belong together. It
creates a sense of harmony before even knowing what the subject of the mural
is. Biggers uses a repetition of circles, squares, and triangles to put this
piece together. When first trying to define the unity in the mural I was having
a hard time because although you can see the unity, it is not easy to explain.

For example, variety in artwork is
referred to as the use of contrasting elements. Variety is obvious in this painting
by the amount of different sizes of the figures and objects, as well as the
placement of them.  Just like unity,
Biggers use of different shapes plays a role in showing the variety.  If you look closely at the five figures of
the women, you will notice that they are not all the same size, nor are they
facing the same direction. There is even a figure that is hidden in the center
of the painting.

Moving on to the last visual
element, color, Biggers really makes great choices in his use of color. We all
know that color is placed into different categories such as, primary,
secondary, warm, cool, etc. Here in this mural the use of warm colors is
endless like orange, yellow, and red. These colors give the piece energy and
excitement. The use of blue is very heavy as well, but blue is a cool color. It
provides a calming energy over the work of art.   So as I mentioned before, this piece is one
of my favorite pieces and every time I see it, I am in awe by the beauty that
it represents, and the energy that it provides to the atmosphere in which it