The at the time to treat their severe cases

authors and doctors involved in this case study collected twelve months worth
of data from a number of patients who were undergoing DBS, used at the time to
treat their severe cases of depression. What the authors of this study later discovered
was that long term use of DBS treatment proves to be an effective and entirely
safe way of treating those living with chronic depression. The study found that
patients who had been undergoing this treatment revealed various levels of
improvement in areas relating to both their physical and social functioning. DBS
treatment simply involves the use of a device that is implanted just beneath
the collarbone area with two wires attached to the object that are inserted
directly into the brain. After the device is properly set in place, a doctor
can flip a switch to turn it on. In some cases, like the ones discussed in the
study, results from the treatment can be astonishing.

the study, I learned that DBS treatment is basically an experimental use of
deep brain stimulation. The target involves a particular area of the brain that
controls our moods. Once the electrodes or wires have been implanted in the
patient’s brain, they deliver an electrical current to those targeted regions
of the brain in order to reduce the symptoms and the signs of various mood
disorders and diseases. Despite the fact that it is called Deep Brain
Stimulation (DBS), in most cases, it is not actually stimulating the brain. By
delivering an electrical current, which is a fairly high frequency current, the
nerve cells in the area of the electrode stop working, allowing the device to
shut down a small volume of brain. Even though the device is delivering an electrical
current, it is actually inhibiting the brain or shutting it down, rather than
stimulating it. In the study, DBS treatment proves to have a positive benefit
on the underlying conditions found in the patients. Doctors can change the
settings on the device depending on individual patient profiles and for the
reason it being used to treat.

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