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The only subject that we can use in our daily lives is Mathematics. It is very important for Science because Mathematics helps us to discover more about many things which can help us in many different ways.

 It fulfills the educational values such as aesthetic, intellectual, practical disciplinary cultural, social vocational, inter-disciplinary, etc.  Adaval et al. (1961) found out that the majority of the students were below average in intelligence when they tried to answer the possible reasons/causes of failure in high school examination. Then, they suggested ways and means to annihilate that possible causes.  Rao (1965) found that intelligence; study habits and school attitude were significantly related to the prediction of academic achievement when he investigated the factors related to intellectual achievement.  Kaur (1974) found the main cause of low achievement of 9th class students. The main causes are ill health, lack of facilities at home, lack of interest in studies, shortage of food and poor education environment.

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 Noah and Eckstein (1974) concluded that the home background has a huge connection of the student’s intellectual achievement. Mother’s education and number of book in the home stands out than father’s education and occupation. Mishra (1997) found that in all 23.58% students were educationally backward in Science and Mathematics after he took sample of 1060 students of class VIII. Mayuri and Suneeta (1999) made a study to find out the effect of selected familial factors on the scholastic achievement of school children.

  Hui-Ling (2001) planned a cross-national study of factors that influence Mathematics achievement for grade 8th students.  A performance that is adjudged by the examinee and some other significant as falling below an expected standard is a poor academic performance (Aremu, 2003). X Ma and Jiangming Xu (2004) determined the casual ordering between Mathematics anxiety and achievement. Karimi and Venkatesan (2009) showed the relationship between Mathematics anxiety, performance and academic hardiness in high school students.