The analytics, companies in the design industry will be

The majorchallenged is going to come from the insurgency in Analytics.

With the offerassistance of analytics, companies in the design industry will be able toforesee the in tastes of the clients in progress and can use it when theopportunity comes. Furthermore, this will be simpler for competitors to imitateZara s trade show, which may lead to the decrease in competitive advantage thatZara has over its competitors. Hence Zara needs to constantly evolve and changeits strategy with changing time. Third, with the rise of economies like Indiaand China, the market is going to shift from Europe to Asia. So Zara might needto change its production strategy to avail the cost competitiveness theseeconomies provide.The emergence of analytics and artificialintelligence, companies will be able to predict the change in fashion tastes ofcustomers in different parts of the world. This may lead to disruption insupply chain strategy. To take advantage of cost competitiveness, companiesmight need to shift their production facilities to India, China or other Asiancountries.

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Hence in future companies may not need to follow Zara’s supply chainstrategy. As of now, it’s difficult to replicate the supply chain capability ofZara because of such short turn around time.In most of the industry, it’s a key metric toprovide customers what they want and provide it quickly. In Zara, there isalways a first mover advantage. The other industries that may benefit from thisstrategy are Automobile industry, Online retail Industry, food and beverageindustry etc.Zara produces designs, which are scarce. Theydon’t sell clothes of the same design to multiple customers. This gives thecustomer sense of individuality in owning the apparel.

Again Zara keeps itsstock up to date with the latest fashion. This caters the customers to theirneeds and makes them loyal to the brand. Zara may outsource its production. Itscore capabilities are creating designs rapidly with changing market.

So it canfocus on designing the clothes and outsource its production, especially inAsian markets.The major challenged is going to come from theinsurgency in Analytics. With the offer assistance of analytics, companies inthe design industry will be able to foresee the in tastes of the clients inprogress and can use it when the opportunity comes. Furthermore, this will besimpler for competitors to imitate Zara s trade show, which may lead to thedecrease in competitive advantage that Zara has over its competitors.