“The Although his business experience aids him in negations

United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until
such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes,” said Donald
Trump in a tweet he posted December 22nd, 2016. These are
frightening words coming from one of the most powerful men in the world. The
dangers of nuclear weapons are apparent to the whole of the population and
worry is circulating that Trump will attack North Korea. Democrats have
received a vast amount of support against Donald Trump’s plans with an
estimated 500,000 people signing a petition to take away the President’s
capability to launch nuclear weapons. Conflict between North Korea and the US
can be very probable and tension between the two countries is steadily
increasing. In this case, Trumps’ seemingly impulsive and irrational behaviour
is not what is best in this situation. His determination to win at any cost
will have a negative effect on his presidency in this circumstance as he seems
ready to “push the big red button” at any moment against North Korea. So what
does this mean for America and the world? If missiles were given to every city
in the US with a population over around 170,000 22 million people could die and
150 cities could be completely destroyed. Even though the threat of nuclear
weapons from North Korea is relatively terrifying, the consequences of Trump
retaliating should be prioritised. Here’s hoping that President Donald Trump’s
irresponsible and moronic plan will soon be realised and he will avert from
possibly beginning a nuclear war and the end of the world in an instant

  In conclusion, President Donald Trump will
most likely not be a successful President in my opinion. Although his business
experience aids him in negations and his bravery, courage and honesty allows
him to speak his mind, a key quality for a leader of a country, it seems as if
Trump’s head is too big to see the serious issues he must invest in and the
impacts he could easily provoke. Despite him not being the first racist,
homophobic and sexist president these labels will cause him to be bias on
issues such as LGBT rights which will not go down well with a constantly
growing accepting society. Perhaps if Trump improves his shocking 33% approval
rate, learns how to compromise in politics and has a trusted advisor to say no
in the right situations then he can become a successful president but at this
moment in time, the billionaire laughing stock is on the path to shake America.

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