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The recruitment industry has grown tremendously throughout the years and the future of the industry will constantly continue to change due to many factors. The role of technology and digital recruitment trends impacts the millennial generation and how traditional recruitment has changed throughout the decade. There has been an increased number of tools available for recruiter’s due to various technological changes and the impact of social media which decreases the amount spent finding candidates. Recruiters today can work smarter and can embrace these changes to source effectively by getting the best training possible in their workplace. Investing in training is a win-win solution and can improve business performance and boost staff morale. Investing in each of your workers is beneficial and has multiple advantages including boosting employees’ job satisfaction, increasing the collective knowledge of the team, attracting the right caliber of in-demand candidates, aids the retention strategy, and makes succession planning easier. Encouraging employees to train in relevant applications and subjects can directly have an immediate effect on productivity and professional development. Leadership programs also are recommended not only in the recruitment industry but across all organizations and are one of the most successful tools for grooming future leaders. Targeted training can help organizations ensure the brightest employees move up within. It helps their future leaders gain a more complete understanding of how the business operates and guides them to acquire a broad set of skill sets that help reinforce their commitment to the professional organization.


            Adult learning and education is a crucial part of one’s career and personal development. The process of learning is one of the main techniques used worldwide in improving each employee’s place on the labor market. Training is not only designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities in individuals but also improve their work-related skills. The labor market is integrating and its need for continuous training for employees is necessary to provide professional stability and to stimulate the demand for best skills in the current and future global market. Training within an organization is significant in adult and organization learning because investing in human resources holds a great importance in contributing to their overall success and is a way to retain employees. Employees are committed to organizations if they have a variety of training options to choose from and this helps them do their jobs more effectively It not only demonstrates value but also improves loyalty and staff retention.

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            Today, training programs go beyond the traditional classroom instruction and also include individual training, coaching, mentoring, and other advanced options that help employees learn and grow during their career path. For example, Robert Half has a management training program for recent college graduates that offers intensive training and offers advancement opportunities in areas of recruiting and business development (“Tips for Making the Most of Career Development Programs”, 2018). They ensure their employees are valued by offering employee recognition programs, training opportunities, and a constant focus on employee communication. Education can take many forms and there are a lot of development programs that are offered from enhancing soft skills to being part of the new mentoring program for high-potential leaders in the corporation. Employees should feel like they are appreciated and this is affected by how they gain expertise by feeling more challenged and less stagnant in their position. Exposing employees to a professional training program can help build and maintain enthusiasm and offer lifelong learning. The main function of a training program is to ensure career development but nowadays also needs to focus on personal development to retain employees’ due to the competitive labor market. Training increases the quality process of communication with other members of the organization, which leads to improving teamwork ability and therefore improves the whole quality of the workplace. Productivity is increased when training is implemented in an organization and this directly impacts economic

growth and sustainability of employees.


            Robert Half is one of the leading specialized recruitment firms in the world and has over 400 locations worldwide. Robert Half offers a variety of training and development opportunities so employees can choose the way that best suits their personal style and each employee has a comprehensive development program that provides the tools needed for personal and professional growth. Employees have anytime access to training materials where topics range from position-specific instruction to diversity and communication within the workplace. The performance management program offers individual development plans that align with specific career paths where employees receive performance appraisals and feedback that create a map for success. Enhancing recognition of employee’s performance is just one example of how they focus on investing in their employees and keeping them happy. Robert Half’s leadership team focuses on fostering new ideas through annual programs, monthly employee magazines highlighting their positive work environment, and providing inspiration to others across the globe within the same organization.


            Their top values are best described by the LEAD principle- Leadership by example, ethics first, an openness to new ideas, and dedication to excellence (Professional Development Training: A Win for the Entire Team, 2017). One of the perks that are offered are the award anniversary program where employee anniversaries are recognized by their yearly milestones. Not only are top performers constantly recognized by communication from their managers but also across their quarterly magazines. Field leaders are also recognized annually at a gala which is a career highlight for them to continue with their constant efforts and commitment to Robert Half. They have a strong focus on employee communication including robust intranet sites, regular team meetings, and town halls. The constant stress on making the employees better at performing their jobs more effectively has a direct impact on the organization and Robert Half is a perfect reflection of this. Robert Half matches great companies with great people and helps business grow by finding the right talent for their staffing or consulting needs. Ethics is always first within the organization and innovation is prized with their engaging employees and great development opportunities. Robert Half not only offers competitive salary and benefits but they paint a picture of how their employees can grow professionally and expand their careers through the transparent corporate culture that envisions their employees to the road of success.


            The recruitment industry is continuously altering due to the candidate market and by offering training and development opportunities employers are not only building a positive reputation but also striving to be the best in the market. Customers and clients also benefit because of the high level of efficient service they receive and it reflects the organization by staffing the right employees and providing them with the potential to grow and develop. Employees should be the most important asset in companies and Robert Half has lead the charts by constantly winning awards from being the best place to work or most admired companies during the last decade. Attracting top talent in this competitive market is a constant struggle for companies but investing in employees and doing so by training and development programs can easily solve the common struggles in the recruitment industry. Building a positive reputation and creating an employee focused environment reflect on how the organization succeeds and retains their top performers. Employees are the brand ambassadors of the organization and they should be invested in to achieve the overall goals of retaining them and keeping them happy.