The Ag. Argentum originated from the Sanskrit word argunas,

The element silver got its name from the Anglo-Saxon word seolfor or siolfur, both of which mean “silver.”. The Latin term argentum also means silver and is the origin for its chemical symbol, Ag. Argentum originated from the Sanskrit word argunas, which means shining.Slag heaps near ancient mine workings in Turkey and Greece prove that silver mining started around 3000 BC. The metal was refined by cupellation, a process invented by the Chaldeans, who lived in what is now southern Iraq. It consisted of heating the molten metal in a shallow cup over which blew a strong draft of air. This oxidised the other metals, such as lead and copper, leaving only silver unaffected.The rise of Athens was made possible partly through the exploitation of local silver mines at Laurium. These operated from 600 BC and right through the Roman era. In Medieval times, German mines became the main source of silver in Europe.Silver was also mined by the ancient civilizations of Central and South America there being rich deposits in Peru, Bolivia and Mexico.According to the Jefferson Lab, the properties of silver are: Atomic number (number of protons in the nucleus): 47. Atomic symbol (on the Periodic Table of Elements): Ag. Atomic weight (average mass of the atom): 107.8682.Dec 11, 2014Silver is a relatively rare element found in the Earth’s crust. It is found both in its free form and in minerals such as argentite. It is often mined with other metal ores including copper, lead, zinc, and gold. Most of the silver mined in the United States is from the state of Nevada. It is a solid. Melting point: 1,763.2 degrees Fahrenheit (961.78 degrees Celsius)Boiling point: 3,924 F (2,162 C)The density of pure silver is 10.5 g/cm3 at 20°C. If 6.11 g of pure silver pellets is added to a graduated cylinder containing 14.1 mL of water, to what volume level will the water in the cylinder rise?Silver has long been valued as a precious metal.Silver has also been used to create coins, although today other metals are typically used in its place. Sterling silver, an alloy containing 92.5% silver, is used to make silverware, jewelry and other decorative items. High capacity batteries can be made with silver and zinc and silver and cadmium.Silver is the best electric conductor of the elements. It is used as the standard by which other conductors are measured. On a scale of 0 to 100, silver ranks 100 in terms of electrical conductivity. The most commonly encountered form of silver is sterling silver. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver, with the balance consists of other metals, usually copper.The compound silver iodide has been used for cloud seeding, to cause clouds to produce rain and try to control hurricanesSilver can exist in its native state. In other words, nuggets or crystals of pure silver exist in nature. Silver also occurs as a natural alloy with gold that is called electrum. Silver commonly occurs in copper, lead, and zinc ores.