The absolutely nothing, would stop her from completing her


The perfect
example of a Quentin Tarantino masterpiece, this Martial Arts film portrays the
incredulously strong and Adamantine Assassin Beatrix Kiddo (Codename: Black
Mamba), who sets upon a vengeful mission to kill those who did her wrong.

As a
pregnant bride who tries to put her past behind and start a new life in El
Paso, Texas, she is interrupted by the members of her former gang- The Deadly
Viper Gang. Everybody at the wedding is shot dead, except for Beatrix, who
survives but gets into a coma.

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She wakes
up from a coma after four years, gets assaulted, poisoned, and buried alive,
but nothing- absolutely nothing, would stop her from completing her mission.

A Former
Assassin current homemaker Vernita Green (Copperhead), Leader of the Japanese
underworld Yakuza clan O-Ren Ishii (Cotton Mouth), a One-eyed punk Elle
(California Mountain Snake), an Ex-con Casino worker Budd (Sidewinder) and her
Former lover/Leader Bill (Snake Charmer) are her targets, whose names she
strikes off on her list, after killing them.

 Beatrix’s rationale and vindication behind
seeking revenge is established within the two volumes of the movie, so I am not
condoning a film that has violence portrayed in an uninhibited manner.

directing of the film is outstanding, which is rather redundant once I
mentioned that it was directed by Quentin Tarantino.                                                                             
Influences taken from Kung-fu
movies, Blaxploitation, Spaghetti westerns, Samurai
Cinema, American Crime films, and Anime, Kill
Bill pays an Ernest homage to the above mentioned styles of moviemaking.

With a
killer soundtrack adapted from the work of legends such as Ennio Morricone and
Nancy Sinatra, and captivating stunts with Japanese swords and Chinese Kung Fu,
Uma Thurman slays as Kiddo, moving the audience to feel her pain and anger, and
sit at the edge of their seats, every time she utters the words “You and I have
unfinished business.”

I watch
Kill Bill whenever I feel weak or incapable, as it gets me pumped up and high
with adrenaline rush.