Thailand the world backpackers meeting ground though the Philippines

Thailand and the Philippines have been a popular topic fortravelers to discuss whether which destination is worth traveling to,especially to someone who can only hit up with a single destination. Obviously,Thailand is known for its best tropical islands, the world backpackers meetingground though the Philippines is also one of the authentic and  tropical paradise to chill during holidays.Despite, some similarities between these two countries, but the Philippines isdefinitely winning when it comes to lower cost, people and the best variety oftropical islands.             Due to thefact that Thailand’s economic income is mostly depending on tourismindustry.

Thailand has many travel routes for traveler to choose. For instance,buses and other types of transportation companies that could arrangespecifically for variety of travelers. These services are comparably moreexpensive than the public transportation system that the locals use. On theother hand, some are not usually efficient. Thailandtourist areas are pricey simply because of inequality between supply anddemand.

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Many islands, hotel options are not as many as the number of touristsvisiting. Beside islands also need to have food, fuel andother daily materials using delivering in, this leads to a higher cost of food atrestaurants, taxi, and souvenirs, and clothing, etc. To conclude, thePhilippines are a very affordable due to the low living expense, low wages, andsignificant competition for tourism. Many locals have opened their doors tocreate family-run hotels or small restaurants, especially in the larger urbanareas causes an increase in competition. While the economy is growing as awhole, the country must compete against its neighbors for revenue from tourism,leading to lower prices.             If talkingabout the locals between Thais and Filipinos, Filipino is any indicator of howfriendly and fun their people are.

It seems like Filipino culture is much moreopen and playful than Thai culture. Thai culture is very quiet once you get away fromthe Red Light districts. They are a bit shy and polite, but not always a lot offun. Filipinos seem to have a sense of humor and western vibe, so you couldfind them always playing around, cracking jokes, and in true Filipinos style ofdancing and singing. This is something you just do not get in Thailand and itis probably one of the favorite things so far about the Philippines.            Bothdestination is well-known for its amazing tropical islands toenjoy during trip in South Easy Asia.

Thailand offers popular spots like PhiPhi island, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, all of which offer their own slice ofparadise with palm tree fringed beaches, clear tropical waters and laid backvibes. Butif island time is the main purpose for exploring South East Asia, then thePhilippines is the best options with its over 7,000 to choose from. Andwith islands and beaches like Palawan and Boracay consistently voted amongstthe best in the world.            With its amazing destinations both countries are uniquein its own way though there are some similarities. Thailand is still thepopular and first destination to most travelers to South East Asia; however,traveling to the Philippines, the expense is more affordable with nicest andfun locals as well as being able to chill out at the world’s best tropicalisland.